Creon 25000 supply update

Update 19 February 2024

We have been updated that Creon (particularly 25,000) is experiencing further short-term issues with supply. The Department of Health and Social Care are in regular communication with suppliers and clinicians to understand what actions can be taken to minimise the impact of this shortage.

Please speak to your CF team if you’re having difficulties getting hold of the Creon you need.

Update on 5 February 2024

The UK Governments have confirmed that they are working with the manufacturers of Creon to help ensure that action is taken to resolve any further issues that may arise.

You can read the written questions and answers here:

Please speak to your CF team if you’re having difficulties getting hold of the Creon you need.

Update on 26 January 2024

We've been updated that Creon 25000 should now be in stock, but there may be some short-term issues with supply of Creon 10000. We understand that more deliveries are expected over the next few weeks. Please speak to your CF team if you have trouble getting hold of Creon in the strength you need. 

Update on 22 December 2023

We've been in touch with Viatris, who produce Creon, to check for any current supply issues. They have confirmed that there is stock of Creon in the UK in all strengths and stock is arriving regularly. If you are struggling to get either Creon 25k or Creon 10k from your local pharmacy, please contact your CF team.

22 November 2023

Over recent months, we’ve heard a number of reports from people with cystic fibrosis that their local pharmacies have been unable to supply Creon 25000. Together with specialist CF pharmacists, we’ve been monitoring this, and we have been speaking to Viatris, the manufacturer of Creon, to highlight this issue.

We’ve been told that there have been supply issues with Creon 25000, but that Creon 10000 has been available. While this does give some reassurance that this essential medication remains available, for many people with CF it does mean taking extra pills with every meal, on top of an already high number of pills and medications every day.

Last week, Viatris told us that they now have Creon 25000 in stock across the UK, and this is being distributed via their supply chains, and the supply issue will be resolved in the coming days. This is positive, and we hope this means people with CF will be able to access Creon 25000 again via their local pharmacies.

We will continue to monitor this. If you are unable to get Creon 25000, please do speak to your CF team for advice first, and we’d also be grateful if you can let us know so we can report any further issues straight to the manufacturer. It would also be useful for us to know where in the UK you are. You can contact us to tell us if you’re not able to get Creon 25000 by emailing [email protected].

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