Cost of Living Fund

We know that this winter will be difficult for many people with cystic fibrosis (CF). Because of the rise in the cost of living some people are struggling to eat properly, to heat their home or to buy household essentials. This puts their health at risk. To help protect the health of people with CF who are most in need through the winter ahead, we have introduced a one-off, short-term grant through our new Cost of Living Fund.

  • What is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust Cost of Living Fund?

    Through the Cost of Living Fund we can provide a one-off grant of £225 to people with CF in low-income households. This will usually be split over three months, with a payment of £75 each month.

    The Cost of Living Fund can help you to keep warm and well when the cost of living has increased. You can use the grant for food and basic essentials to protect your health during the winter.

    We will contact all applicants to offer more support. We can tell you about other places that could help you with your energy bills and give you an appointment with our Welfare team to check you are getting all the financial support you should be.

  • How to apply

    Applications are now closed.

  • Who can apply?

    We can only help households which:

    • include someone with CF who receives specialist CF care in the UK, and
    • are on means-tested benefits, or
    • are in a financial crisis

    You can apply if you care for someone who fits the above, for example if you have a child with CF in your household. If you are not sure if you are eligible to apply, please call or email our Helpline team.

    We will prioritise people who can’t get any other grant support. This means we might look at other ways of helping you when we read your application. We will let you know if we can help in another way.

  • How much is the grant?

    We will give you £225 over three months, with a payment of £75 each month to support people with cystic fibrosis that are most in need. If you need the grant as £225 all at once instead of three payments of £75, please let us know by writing this anywhere on your application form.

    Please remember that if you send us an application, that does not mean that you will definitely be given the grant. If we can’t give you a grant this time, you can still apply for our grants in the future.

  • Does the application need a supporting statement (endorsement)?

    Yes. A member of your CF team will need to write a supporting statement in section 4 of the form. They can also email it to us from their professional email account. It is important that you tell your CF team that you are in an emergency situation that might affect your health.

  • When will I receive the grant?

    If you applied in November and were successful, you will get:

    • £75 during the week starting 11 December
    • £75 during the week starting 15 January
    • £75 during the week starting 12 February

    If you applied in October and were successful, you will get:

    • £75 during the week starting 13 November
    • £75 during the week starting 11 December
    • £75 during the week starting 15 January

    If you applied in January and were successful, you will get:

    • £75 during the week starting 12 February
    • £75 during the week starting 18 March
    • £75 during the week starting 22 April

    To make sure we can help as many people as possible, your household can only apply once this winter. If you received a Cost of Living Fund grant last winter, you are able to apply again for this winter.

  • Who should complete the application form?

    Anyone who fits the criteria above can complete the form, as well as:

    • people who care for them
    • their partner
    • any member of their CF team

    The ‘applicant’ is always the person living with CF. If the applicant is over 18 and is not filling out the form themselves, they need to know that the application is being made for them.

    Please make sure your contact details on the form are correct so we will contact you about anything to do with your application.

  • Is there anything else I need to know?

    • We cannot accept more than one application per household.
    • You cannot use the grant for:
      • existing energy arrears and debts including credit card debts – please speak to our Helpline team who will look at other ways you can get help.
      • White goods/essential household appliances – please have a look at our Home Essentials Fund instead.

    We can only provide this grant to help with basic essentials and food for people who are struggling to afford them.

  • How often can I apply?

    The Cost of Living Fund is a one-off grant. Please only send one application per household.

  • I have a question, can I speak to someone?

    Yes. Please contact our Helpline if you have any questions about any of our grants. Our Helpline team can also help you fill in the grant application form and give you information about other ways you can get help, including our Welfare Advice services.

    Call 0300 373 1000 or 020 3795 2184, Monday–Friday 10am–4pm
    Email [email protected]
    Chat with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram
    Message us on WhatsApp on 07361 582053


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