CF Trial Coordinators

  • Alder Hey Hospital

    Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

    Trial Coordinator (Paediatric), Victoria King 

    [email protected]

  • Belfast Hospital

    Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator- Currently Vacant

    Trial Coordinator (adults and paediatrics)- Catherine McNeil

    [email protected]

  • Birmingham Hospital

    Birmingham Women’s' and Children's Hospital and University Hospital

    Trial Coordinator (adult & paeds), Aoife Neal

    [email protected]

  • Bristol and Weston Hospital

    Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust 

    Trial Coordinator (Paediatric), Kate Alderton  

    [email protected]

    Trial coordinator  (adults),  Sally Coplowe

    [email protected]

  • Cardiff and Vale Hospital

    Cardiff & Vale University Health Board 

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator, Jennie Williams

    [email protected]

    Trial coordinator (adults and paediatric), Catherine Joyce

    [email protected]

  • Devon & Exeter Hospital

    Royal Devon Universities Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    Trial Coordinator (adults & paediatric), Sophie Whiteley  

    [email protected]

  • Edinburgh Hospital

    NHS Lothian, Western General Hospital 

    Trial coordinator (adult), Ellyse Kilarski

    [email protected]

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator, Debbie Miller  

    [email protected]

  • Glasgow and Clyde Hospital

    NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

    Trial Coordinator, Annie Husband

    [email protected]

  • Leeds Hospital

    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Trial coordinator (Paediatric), Yasmin Khanagha 

    [email protected]

    Trial Coordinator (adults), Helen Chadwick

    [email protected]

  • London- BARTS Hospital

    BARTS Health NHS Trust 

    Trial coordinator (adult & paeds)- Sandra Pereira

    [email protected]

  • London- Brompton and Harefield Hospital

    Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust  

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator, Yasmine Needham

    [email protected]

    Trial Coordinator, Sophie Pinnell

    [email protected]


  • London- Great Ormond Street Hospital

    Great Ormond Street NHS Foundation Trust 

    Trial Coordinator (Paediatric), Lucy Holt

    [email protected]

  • London- King's Hospital

    King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

    Trial coordinator (adult & paeds), Mélanie Le Sayec

    [email protected]

  • Manchester Hospital

    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

    Trial Coordinator (adults & paediatric), Sarah Sampson

    [email protected]

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator, Natalie Hill

    [email protected] 

  • Nottingham Hospital

    Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust

    Trial Coordinator (adult), Fozia Naushahi

    [email protected]

    Trial Coordinator (paeds), Gillian Black

    [email protected]

  • Papworth Hospital

    Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Trust

    Trial coordinator (adults), Deepa George

    [email protected]

  • Southampton Hospital

    University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

    Trial Coordinator (adults & paediatric) Matthew Harvey 

    [email protected]

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator Ben Wilson 

    [email protected]

    Early Phase Trial Coordinator Lorraine Hewitt 

    L[email protected]

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