PlayPhysio Mobile App Study for young people with Cystic Fibrosis


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PlayPhysio Mobile App: Study of the safety and efficacy of the device in young people with Cystic Fibrosis and its impact on adherence to chest physiotherapy

There are many oscillatory PEP devices on the market to use for chest physiotherapy, with strong evidence that they are effective treatments in clearing the lungs. However, they don’t provide the user feedback to confirm that they are using the correct technique or indicate when each blow or treatment session has been completed. As a result this can lead parents to have a lack of confidence in whether their child is completing the physiotherapy session correctly or completely.A father of a CF patient has developed a device alongside the CF team at Cambridge University Hospital called Play Physio, that can be attached to any oscillatory PEP device. The patient can play games which have been designed to encourage the child to comply with the routine and data is collected and sent to the treating clinician in order to monitor compliance. The aims of this study are to look into the safety and efficacy of the Play Physio device and to investigate the effect of the device on compliance. This is a 24 week study in which the CF patients (ages 8-16) use the Play Physio ® device and associated app. Lung function, paper diaries, in app questionnaires and compliance data will all be analysed.
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Who can take part?

Top inclusion criteria
  • 8-16 year olds
  • Any child with Cystic Fibrosis between 8-16 who are under the care of Addenbrookes Hospital (as well as their shared care centres)
Top exclusion criteria
  • Sixteen year olds who are transitioning within the study period.
  • Children who would not be able to fill in questionnaires.
  • Children who have SPID (and therefore don’t do regular airway clearance).

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