Evaluation of the High Frequency Digit Triplet test in Cystic Fibrosis


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An evaluation of the High Frequency Digit Triplet test as a screening tool for early detection of hearing loss in individuals with cystic fibrosis.

The study will evaluate a new hearing test - the High Frequency Digit Triplet (HFDT) test. This test mimics how individuals hear in real life situations (such as a noisy room), requires only a computer and does not need clinically trained personnel. We will evaluate the new test in stable patients and in those about to receive intravenous antibiotics for a chest infection. We will also see if it is feasible to do the test in primary school children. If the HFDT test is accurate and practical we will apply for a new research grant which would allow us to see if the test is accurate when performed in the home (where there may be more background noise). We could then offer this test to every CF patient in the UK over 5 years. Patients could perform this test at home and then bring the result to discuss with their doctor if antibiotic treatment is likely. We believe this test could prevent hearing loss in many people with CF and allow substantial savings both in testing and in hearing aid provision (where hearing is irreversibly damaged).
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1 day
High Frequency Digit Triplet test
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University of Nottingham
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Who can take part?

Top inclusion criteria
  • A diagnosis of CF, confirmed by genotype or sweat test, with characteristic clinical features
  • Aged 5 years and over
Top exclusion criteria
  • None. In individuals with a hearing aid, we will perform PTA and HFDT tests without the aid.
  • Individuals found to have conductive deafness after randomisation will be fully assessed for this prior to continuing with the study.

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