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CFHealthHub Data Observatory: A quality improvement project and Trials Within Cohort platform for Cystic Fibrosis

In the current project we will develop CFHealthHub as a data observatory which will record adherence data and other indicators of health and patient care held in patient notes. The purpose of this is two- fold; to support local and national Quality Improvement (QI) projects aiming to improve an individual’s adherence to treatment and the quality of care delivered by the CF centre. Secondly, collecting adherence data from a large number of PWCF may support future research studies whereby CFHealthHub is used as a source of participants and data.We aim to recruit PWCF who use chipped nebulisers from four CF centres across in England. PWCF will be consented to 1) share their identifiable data with their local CF team 2) share data, from which they cannot be identified, with all CF centres in the study 3) share data, from which they cannot be identified, in future research studies which result in no changes to their care and 4) share data to be included for selection to future studies which may result in changes to care, such as testing new treatments.Consent in any combination can be provided and withdrawn at any time. Participants who consent to 'selection' for future studies will also be provided with information specific to the new study and the opportunity to decline participation, if selected from the data observatory.
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Up to 6 years
The Data Observatory facilitates quality improvement projects, which act as an intervention within the CF team. These QI projects utilise the Clinical Microsystem methodology developed by the Dartmouth Institute, USA (Nelson, Bataldan and Godfrey 2007) and adopted by the Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy (MCA). The Sheffield MCA ( approach advocates that complex health systems can be reduced to smaller building blocks called ‘microsystems’ where multidisciplinary teams deliver healthcare to patients. At each microsystem a number of QI projects may occur but the implementation requires the completion of four phases; Assessment, Diagnose, Treatment and Standardise, where tools such as assessment using the 5 P’s (Purpose, Patients, Professionals, Processes, Patterns) process mapping, time series measurements, Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles are utilised until the change idea has been adapted or has become embedded into the microsystem.

Participants who consent to take part in the study will receive a new chipped nebuliser, or have their existing nebuliser adapted to communicate with CFHealthHub. They will be given a log in to the CFHealthHub system and shown how to use their device and the CFHealthHub website, by a member of their care team. This includes how to turn on and off data sharing with their clinical team. Participants will then be able to use their nebuliser as normal, with the support of CFHealthHub.
CFHealthHub automatically collects data on the participants use of their chipped nebuliser, specifically the time of use and duration of inhalation. The data is stored in the secure CFHealthHub server.

To provide a tailored CF toolkit participant's periodically complete a questionnaire about the challenges of taking their medication, which is entered by a member of staff into CFHealthHub, at a clinic appointment or review.

Members of the CF team will be able to view the adherence data for participants who have data sharing switched on, and identify if any participants could benefit from the behavioural intervention that is currently being tested in an RCT. The Data Observatory will not be measuring the effectiveness of this intervention. Instead, CFHealthHub will help facilitate quality improvement projects using data from CFHealthHub about participants adherence and participant's relationship with the team.
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Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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Who can take part?

Top inclusion criteria
  • Diagnosed with CF and with data within the CF registry
  • Taking inhaled mucolytics or antibiotics via a chipped nebuliser (e.g. eTrack or I-Neb) or able and willing to take via eTrack or I-Neb
  • Aged 16 years and above
Top exclusion criteria
  • Lacking in capacity to give informed consent

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