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Organise a World Cup sweepstake

Find out how to organise a World Cup sweepstake at your office or with your friends and family, and download our sweepstake sheet.

How to hold your sweepstake!

As World Cup fever takes hold how about taking part in our fun and easy sweepstake? Getting your team ready for kick off is super simple. Just download our PDF sweepstake before the tournament starts on Thursday 14th June 2018 to join in the fun!

Download the sweepstake

Check out the Fifa website for a full fixture list and to keep track on how your team is doing!

Here's the legal bit...

  • All entries must be the same price and the host cannot make a profit.
  • You cannot ask for entry donations outside of the office premises.
  • If you’re holding your sweepstake in an office, it can only take place in one office where all the participants work. It cannot be held across branches.
  • Whether you decide to split the entry money between the winner and Cystic Fibrosis Trust or to buy a separate prize and donate all the entry money to Cystic Fibrosis Trust is completely up to you. Whichever you decide to do, the participants of your sweepstake need to be made clear of this before entering.

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commission website or contact our Community Fundraising team.

Research we're funding

The Trust is committed to funding and supporting cutting-edge research to find new and better treatments for cystic fibrosis. Take a look at some of that work and the progress that is being made.

What is cystic fibrosis?

Find out more about cystic fibrosis, its diagnosis and how it is treated, as well as useful links to our publications and other organisations who can help.

More information

If you would like to find out more about any of our campaigns, publications or anything else, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.