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Current volunteering opportunities

Please have a look at our current vacancies and find out how you can volunteer. If you have any queries, please contact the volunteering team or call 0203 795 1551.

Ambassador volunteer in the East region

We're looking for confident volunteers to help our community fundraising team raise awareness of cystic fibrosis in areas including Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire. You'll help deliver presentations and talks to schools, business and community groups in your local area. These presentations will highlight the effect of CF on people with the condition, and their families, as well as highlighting how fundraising money is spent by the Trust.

Please read the role description and complete the application form.

Creative Photography Volunteer

We need volunteers to capture images that tell a whole story in a single frame. This is a great opportunity for reliable, enthusiastic and creative photographers to make a difference while having the opportunity to see their images on our website, in print and on our social media channels.

General tasks include: collating all photos taken after the event/photoshoot and sending to the Content Team; participating in evening and weekend events/activities when needed; arranging props/material for photoshoots; capturing images, within agreed timeframes, to display and color compliance standards; performing quality control checks on images, according to guidelines; post-processing of images, including cropping, colour corrections, etc; and, naming digital files and creating metadata/tags as required for upload to the photo library.

Please read the role description and complete the application form.

Information and Support Volunteer

General tasks include: Ensure grant applications are fully complete when they arrive at the office. Scan grants and relevant documentation to client database. Assist helpline with initial enquires on benefits, travel insurance and other queries. Send out confirmation of grant awards to applicant and endorser Assist with travel medication letters.

Please read the role description and complete the application form.

Event Administration Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help support our event fundraising team, which works with supporters and fundraisers from all across the UK who organise events.

The volunteers will support the team in all administrative tasks for the department.

Please read the role description and complete the application form.

Fundraising Volunteer

We are looking for fundraising volunteers to help organise, run and promote a variety of activities and events throughout the UK. You will be supported in your role by the community fundraising manager in your area. 

Please read the role description and complete the application form.

Speaker Volunteer

We are looking for speaker volunteers with good presentation skills to work alongside regional staff to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis and the Trust. Volunteers will attend events and presentations to schools and community groups.

Please read the role description and complete the application form.


The Trust is committed to funding and supporting cutting-edge research to find new and better treatments for cystic fibrosis. Take a look at some of that work and the progress that is being made.

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