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While you're here, why not sign a petition started by one of our Stopping the Clock campaigners, Sadie Dann? Sadie’s petition calls on the CEO of Vertex to make Orkambi affordable for the NHS. Sadie will be handing the protest in at Vertex HQ on the morning of the protest, so every signature makes a difference! You can also explore our interactive body, find out more about personalised medicine or sign up to our e-newsletter.

It's personal!

Precision medicines like Orkambi are an example of how healthcare is becoming increasingly tailored to the individual, rather than the whole population of people with cystic fibrosis in the UK.

Other precision meds?

Kalydeco is the first precision medicine for people with cystic fibrosis and is available for some people in the UK on the NHS. Find out how it works, who can have it and why it's different to Orkambi.

Why it matters?

Cystic fibrosis places limits on every aspect of your life. Use our interactive body to explore the effects it can have from head to toe, and see why it's vital to get access to precision medicines without delay.