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We provide a voice for people affected by cystic fibrosis through our work with clinicians, NHS commissioners and politicians in all UK parliaments and assemblies to drive up standards of care and raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.

Fighting for life-saving drugs

We are demanding fair access to life-saving precision medicines for everyone with cystic fibrosis. Keep an eye on the campaign page for information about debates, petitions and other ways that you can get involved. Find out more about our life-saving drugs campaign.

Hope for More: campaigning for a national lung allocation system

We made 12 recommendations in a 2014 report with an eye to increasing the number of successful transplants for people with CF and improve the quality of care they receive while they are going through the transplant process. Find out more about our Hope for More campaign.

Raise an issue with your local MP

From access to medicines, to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), your MP is your gateway to the decision-makers in Government. With a relatively small number of people with cystic fibrosis in the population, it can be hard to get the attention the condition deserves. However, this all changes when your MP is contacted by you - one of the constituents they are elected to represent - to share your own story.

There are many ways to contact your MP, including through the Trust or via an e-action. Find out who your MP is – if you need any further support in contacting them, our Public Affairs team will be happy to help! Contact them via

Top tips

  • Start with an email or letter to your MP.
  • Keep it simple and to the point – what is the issue you wish to raise?
  • Include your name and address, so they know you live in their constituency.
  • A personal story is best! Explain why the issue is relevant to you.
  • Follow up with a face-to-face meeting if you think it will help – this can be done at a local 'MP surgery'.
  • Link with the Trust's campaigns via our Public Affairs team – we'd love to offer you guidance, information and support.

Care and treatment

Discover the different medications and methods used to treat cystic fibrosis, as well as the many ways you can take care of yourself.


Public awareness of cystic fibrosis is low; here's your chance to find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions and discover further resources.

Life Unlimited

Find out about our mission to create a brighter future where everyone with cystic fibrosis can live long and healthy lives, unlimited by the condition.

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