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Debate on access to life-saving drugs

Thanks to a community petition that reached over 100,000 signatures, a Parliamentary debate urging the NHS to supply life-saving drugs to people with cystic fibrosis took place on 10 June.

What happened at the debate?

The debate can now be watched again on Parliament TV. The debate was chaired by Paul Scully MP and was triggered by a community-led petition that received over 100,000 signatures.

You can also read an update from David Ramsden, the Trust's Chief Executive, who attended the debate and discusses what's next for the Trust's campaign for life-saving drugs.

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What will the outcome be?

Petition debates in Westminster Hall cannot directly change the law or result in a vote to implement the request of the petition. Creating new laws, or changing existing ones, can only be done through the parliamentary legislative process which involves a number of debates, and detailed consideration of the law in draft, in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. However, this debate has a vital role in helping raise the profile of the campaign and could influence later decision-making in Government and Parliament.

Stopping the Clock

Find out more about our campaign to ensure that people with CF across the UK can have access to innovative precision medicines.

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Orkambi is the second precision medicine to be licensed in the UK for people with CF and treats the F508del mutation, which around 50% of people with CF have. It is not currently available on the NHS.

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Other precision medicines

A double combination therapy and a triple combination therapy are currently being trialed to see how they could help to treat up to 90% of people with cystic fibrosis. Recent results are positive.

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