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Peer reviews

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, British Thoracic Society and British Paediatric Society in conjunction with the national service commisioner have previously facilitated the peer review of UK wide CF specialist centres and their network clinics. 

The Quality surveillance team (QST) has been given the responsibility by NHS England to conduct peer reviews of all specialist services including cystic fibrosis. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust expects to still have a part to play in the future of peer review of CF services in the UK and is working with the peer review oversight board and the QST to understand how we can represent the interests of people with CF and ensure they have access to the best possible care.

For all enquiries regarding peer review please email

Peer reviews - see how your CF centre is doing

  • King's College Hospital and Paediatric Network - July 2015 Full (PDF 1.9 MB) / Abstract (PDF 130 KB)
  • South-East Scotland Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Service - June 2015 - Full (PDF 1.09 MB) / Abstract (PDF 146 KB)

  • Castle Hill Hospital Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre, Hull - October 2015 - Full (PDF 570 KB) / Abstract (PDF 246 KB)

  • Royal London Hospital and Paediatric Network Clinics - May 2015 - Full (PDF 933 KB) / Abstract (PDF 229 KB)

  • Royal Brompton hospital and network clinics - February 2015 - Full (PDF 976 KB) / Abstract (PDF 124 KB)

  • Llandough Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre, Wales peer review - September 2015 - Full (PDF 571 KB) / Abstract (PDF 221 KB)
  • John Radcliffe Hospital and network paediatric clinics, Oxford peer review February 2015 - Full (1,402 KB) / Abstract (133 KB)
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre peer review March 2015 - Full (PDF 688KB) / Abstract (138KB)
  • Glenfield Hospital Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre, Leicester peer review abstract June 2015 - Full (PDF 513KB) / Abstract (PDF 131KB) 
  • Frimley Park Hospital Adult CF service peer review April 2015 - Full (PDF 559KB) / Abstract (PDF 169KB)
  • Great North Children’s Hospital, Newcastle Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis (Royal Victoria Infirmary paediatric) peer review March 2015 - Full (892KB) / Abstract (239KB) 
  • South East Scotland adult CF service peer review November 2014 - Full (PDF 1 MB) / Abstract (PDF 72KB) 
  • Oxford adult CF service, Churchill Hospital peer review Jan 2015 - Full (642 KB) / Abstract (203 KB) 
  • West of Scotland Service, Gartnavel Hospital peer review November 2014 - Full (PDF 495 KB) / Abstract (PDF 112 KB)
  • Leeds General Infirmary and paediatric shared care clinics peer review October 2014 - Full (PDF 1.15 MB) / Abstract (PDF 87 KB)
  • Leeds and York Adult Service peer review September 2014 - Full (PDF 945 KB) / Abstract (PDF 91 KB)
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital and shared care networks peer review July 2014 - Full (PDF 1.4 MB) / Abstract (PDF 139 KB)
  • Southampton Regional Centre and Local District Hospitals 'Central South Coast’ Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Network peer review November 2013 - Full (PDF 2.1 MB) / Abstract (PDF 70 KB)
  • University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust – Wythenshawe Hospital peer review  June 2014 - Full (661 KB) / Abstract (66 KB)
  • Southampton and Poole, Wessex Adult CF Service peer review March 2014 - Full (801 KB) / Abstract (68 KB)
  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary - adult peer review May 2014 - Full (PDF 380 KB) / Abstract (PDF 68 KB)
  • The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children peer review February 2014 - Full (PDF 569 KB) / Abstract (PDF 43.2 KB)
  • Lewisham Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Centre - adult peer review - Abstract
  • Sheffield Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Centre - adult peer review - Full (PDF 500KB) / Abstract (PDF 50KB)
  • Nottingham Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Centre - adult peer review - Full (PDF 465KB) / Abstract (PDF 55KB)
  • Hull Royal Infirmary Cystic Fibrosis Centre - paediatric peer review - Full (PDF 303KB) / Abstract (PDF 60KB)
  • The James Cook University Hospital peer review October 2012 - Full (PDF 301KB)
  • The Papworth Hospital peer review January 2013 - Full (PDF 823KB) / Abstract (PDF 25KB)
  • Birmingham Heartlands peer review February 2013 - Full (PDF 469KB) / Abstract (PDF 91.9KB)
  • Royal Brompton Hospital peer review March 2013 - Full (PDF 497KB) / Abstract (PDF 73.9KB)
  • Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust peer review May 2013 - Full (PDF 529KB) / Abstract (PDF 47KB)
  • North West Midlands Cystic Fibrosis Centre - adult peer review - Full (PDF 416KB) / Abstract (PDF 69KB)
  • North West Midlands Cystic Fibrosis Centre - paediatric peer review - Full (PDF 536KB) / Abstract (PDF 69KB)

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Researchers are investigating a range of issues related to cystic fibrosis, from transplants to bacterial infections and gene therapy.

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