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Our research strategy for 2013–2018 was published in April 2013. It set out what we intended to deliver over the last year (2014–2015) and over its full five-year duration.

To deliver the strategy in 2014–15 we planned to:

  • Fund three strategic research centres at a cost of £750,000 over three to four years to solve key problems in cystic fibrosis research
  • Establish venture and innovation awards (£1m), at least 50% of which will be used to promote transformational research projects
  • Identify and run up to two research sandpits
  • Part-fund five research coordinators in cystic fibrosis clinics
  • Undertake an external review of the UK CF Registry
  • Continue working with the Strategy Advisory Board and Strategy Implementation Board to assess potential funding opportunities, and select those that will be most beneficial to the furthering of the Trust’s strategy and the wider CF Community
  • Establish new ways of engaging people with cystic fibrosis and their families with research

To deliver the strategy over the next five years, we plan to:

  • Create a cadre of at least 30 young scientists through the formation of six strategic research centres
  • Raise the gearing of the venture and innovation awards so for every £1 we invest, an additional £5 will be secured from outside sources to support cystic fibrosis research
  • Develop a collaborative project with a major investor, such as a biopharmaceutical company or major non-profit funder to develop new therapies
  • Invest in clinical trials to increase their number threefold

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