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SRC call

2017’s Call for ‘Expression of Interest’ from researchers wishing to form a Strategic Research Centre in all areas of cystic fibrosis research is now closed. Please see below for further information on the funding programme.

The purpose of SRCs is to:

  • Create clusters of internationally-competitive researchers
  • Exploit opportunities in science where synergy amongst researchers provides advantages to solve complex questions
  • Facilitate the development of new research interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Where appropriate, widen awareness of cystic fibrosis research outside the traditional biomedical disciplines and so attract high quality PIs from new research disciplines to apply their skills and knowledge to cystic fibrosis research
  • Provide an environment to recruit the brightest and best young researchers to cystic fibrosis research and foster their interest in cystic fibrosis such that they continue working in this field.

The Trust is inviting applications from all areas relevant to cystic fibrosis. The following priority areas for research have been identified within the wider context of the Trust's five year strategy:

  1. Keeping Lungs Healthy
  2. Transformational therapies
  3. Speeding up drug development: Innovative approaches to clinical trials
  4. Innovative models of care
  5. Adolescence

SRC strategic call

We have also opened a new call for research funding proposals in the area of Personalised or Individualised Medicine.

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Important dates

  • Calls open: 30 January 2017
  • Expression of interest (phase 1) deadline: 26 April 2017
  • Announcement of results of phase 1: 13 July 2017
  • Full proposal (phase 2) deadline: 10 November 2017
  • Decision: February/March 2018

For further information, please read the criteria for assessment and information on 'how it works'. For general enquiries, please contact

Research stategy

Find out about our research priorities and how and when we are allocating funding to meet these requirements and have the greatest impact on cystic fibrosis research.

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Life Unlimited

Find out about our mission to create a brighter future where everyone with cystic fibrosis can live long and healthy lives, unlimited by the condition.

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Research areas

Researchers are investigating a range of issues related to cystic fibrosis, from transplants to bacterial infections and gene therapy.

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