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Application process

There is a two stage application process. Details for Stage 1 are below. Further information on Stage 2 will be posted on our website.

Stage 1. Expression of Interest - download the application form on the right

Applicants must submit a single PDF document which comprises the following sections:

  • Cystic Fibrosis Trust grant application cover page(s)
  • Case for support (maximum of five A4 pages)

    - Section 1 (up to one page): Strategic case
        * Title of the project.
        * A clear statement on the relevance of the research project to cystic fibrosis patients (and where appropriate their families).
        * An outline of the expected outcomes of the project within the time frame of the funding and their relevance/impact on patients with cystic fibrosis.
        * Training opportunities for the young career scientists to attract the brightest and best to cystic fibrosis research.

    - Section 2 (up to three pages): Science case
        * A clear statement of the problem being addressed.
        * State three to five clear objectives. These must appear unchanged in the full proposal.
        * Outline how the problem will be tackled and indicate the role of each member of the team.

    - Section 3 (up to one page): Justification for a strategic research centre
        * Does the proposed research problem require a strategic research centre or could the goals be achieved through individual project grants?
        * A clear statement on the scientific and leadership role of the lead PI.  
        * A statement on the contribution of each named co-investigator and their time commitment.
        * A statement on how young scientists engaged through Cystic Fibrosis Trust funding will benefit from being part of an SRC and how it will instil a long-lasting interest in cystic fibrosis research.  
        * Where appropriate a statement on any non-Cystic Fibrosis Trust funded commitments to the success of the SRC.
  • CVs of all applicants (maximum two A4 pages per applicant) and each should refer to the top five papers relevant to the application only.

No other attachments (e.g. covering letter, letters of support, etc.) will be accepted.

At a minimum, font size 11 in Arial must be used for the entire case for support and CVs (excluding text on diagrams and the use of symbols). In addition, for references embedded in Section 2 (Science case) font size 8 in Arial can be used in the following style First author et al, Journal, vol and first page. E.g. Smith et al, Nature, xxx, yyy. A minimum of single-line spacing and standard character spacing must be used, with margins of no less than 2cm.

The stage 1 applications will be assessed as described under "criteria" by the Strategy Implementation Board. This "expressions of interest" step will not be subject to external peer review.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust will also evaluate all proposals in terms of the existing portfolio of research-funded projects and their distribution across the aims of the research strategy to ensure we maintain a balanced portfolio of high quality research activity.  

Based on all these assessments, we will decide which applicants (or applications) will be invited to submit a full proposal. We anticipate that five to six expressions of interest will be invited to the next stage.  

Please email a Word and PDF version of your completed application to    

Details on the full proposal step (Stage 2) will follow.

If you have any queries, please email Research grants.

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