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SRC strategic call

Call for research funding proposals in the area of Personalised or Individualised Medicine

Applications for Strategic Research Centres (SRCs) to create a research programme that delivers impact in the area of Personalised Medicine for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) are now open.

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is seeking to fund up to three SRCs in the area of Personalised Medicine.

Why is the Trust encouraging research into the area of Personalised Medicine?

For the Trust, Personalised (or Individualised) Medicine differs from Precision Medicine. The research investments made by the Trust are targeted at delivering impact. Because of the enormous investments by the biopharmaceutical industry in developing novel genotype-specific drugs, the Trust is very unlikely to fund academic research in new genotype-specific drug discovery. Personalised Medicine moves healthcare approaches beyond the development of genotype-specific drugs, to one that defines the needs of any one individual to find mechanisms to provide the right treatment (or combination of treatments) to the right person at the right time.

The very rich drug discovery pipeline generated by the biopharmaceutical industry will provide new challenges and opportunities for people with CF and healthcare professionals. This call is an attempt to lay the research foundations that will maximise the opportunities for people with CF to benefit from the ongoing delivery of transformational drugs and combinations. 

Indicative areas within this call could include:

  1. Use of stem cells in their broadest sense
  2. Role of modifier genes in CF disease with a clear route to therapeutic intervention
  3. Genetic approaches
  4. The role of other channels alone or in combination with genotype-specific drugs on epithelial function
  5. Other drugs that influence CFTR and its role at the surface of epithelia such as amplifiers, other ion channel modifiers, modulators of trafficking or surface expression, etc
  6. Role of pharmacokinetics CYP450 and transporters in genotype-specific drug efficacy

This list is only a guide. It is not prescriptive nor is it an exact guide to research areas the Trust wishes to fund.

Application process

Indication of Intention to Apply 

The normal requirements and rules apply. However, in this instance, applications will be fast-tracked directly through the full proposal route and will therefore NOT require an 'Expression of Interest' document. However, if you wish to apply in response to this call, the Trust's Research Office must receive a completed one page ‘Indication of Intention to Apply’ document by 16 October, which will require:

  • The name of the lead applicant
  • If the lead applicant is not directly involved in CF research, then we require the name of the co-applicant with a track record in CF research
  • Likely title of the proposal
  • Indicative area of research activity
  • Short statement on how the application fits the research funding call

This one-page document is purely internal and will only be used by the Trust to ensure the peer-review process is run efficiently.

This document should be sent to

No full applications will be accepted in the absence of the 'Indication of Intention to Apply' document.

Full application

As normal, preference will be given to applications that incorporate an integrated multi-centre, multi-disciplinary approach as this is proven to generate high-impact research outcomes.

Download the full application form

Download the application guidelines

The full application deadline is 10 November.

To guide the development of your application, please read the criteria for assessment information on 'how it works'. For general enquiries, please contact

The purpose of our SRCs

  • Create clusters of internationally-competitive researchers
  • Exploit opportunities in science where synergy amongst researchers provides advantages to solve complex questions
  • Facilitate the development of new research interdisciplinary partnerships
  • Where appropriate, widen awareness of cystic fibrosis research outside the traditional biomedical disciplines and so attract high-quality Principal Investigators from new research disciplines to apply their skills and knowledge to cystic fibrosis research
  • Provide an environment to recruit the brightest and best young researchers to cystic fibrosis research and foster their interest in cystic fibrosis such that they continue working in this field

Important dates

17 July 2017 – call opens

16 October 2017 – deadline for submission of one-page ‘Indication of Intention to Apply’ document

10 November 2017 – deadline for full application submission

February/March 2018 – decision announced

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