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Edward W Joseph Cystic Fibrosis Home Care Programme

It is recognised that people (especially children) generally feel more comfortable and enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing if treated at home.

A secondary aim is to promote improvements in home care by educational means, including talks and demonstrations from professionals and the production of educational materials; a video has been produced to show parents how they can improve their physiotherapy technique.

The criteria that needs to be met in order to obtain support from the programme are:

1. That there is a likelihood of the person with cystic fibrosis being admitted to hospital unless additional, temporary support can be provided for them in the home; or the person concerned could be discharged from hospital earlier if additional, temporary support could be provided for them at home. 

2. The family concerned is experiencing a period of significant stress owing to circumstances that cannot be resolved by the intervention of statutory agencies such as Health or Social Services (examples could include: illness of another child in the family, illness or absence of a parent or partner, temporary withdrawal of other community-based support, the introduction of new home-based treatment such as home intravenous treatment, or the person's cystic fibrosis entering its terminal stages).

3. The support required is temporary and the need for it unlikely to reoccur in the short term.

4. The support to be provided has been agreed with the local CF clinic or regional centre.

5. The support will be provided by an appropriately qualified person who is familiar with the condition or through a social worker or other health professional who has been involved in supporting the person with cystic fibrosis and the application must be endorsed by them completing an application form.

Individuals may apply for a grant from this programme directly at 0300 373 1000, or application forms and further advice can be obtained from our Welfare Grants Officer by telephoning the Helpline.

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