Your stories


Your stories

Hear from students with CF who've benefited from the Joseph Levy Education Fund.

The Joseph Levy Education Fund is here to help with some of the additional financial costs associated with studying while living with cystic fibrosis. Here, you can read about how some of the recipients of the Fund have benefited from the grant while studying.

Arran studied Geography at Ulster UniversityArran

"I applied for the the Joesph Levy Education Fund in order to take off any pressure of having to work part-time along side my degree, allowing me to focus on my studies more.

"The Fund allowed me to buy higher calorie foods, which helped me to maintain a healthy weight whilst away from home. It also took the pressure off finances involved in getting transport to hospital clinics and heating the house through the winter.

"My degree has opened up a variety of job prospects, including potential graduate job opportunities and one day a PGCE in teaching."

Emily studied Product Design at the University of Huddersfield

"When I first started to consider going to university, I spoke to my CF team about the different things I would have to take into consideration, such as accommodation, distance, workload and attending appointments. When I found out about the Joseph Levy Education fund I was overjoyed, as the grant would help me to go to university and ease all the extra worries that I would have; such as covering the cost of accommodation (with access to an en-suite room that is close enough to the university), travelling to and from hospital appointments and being able to buy any equipment I would need whilst on the course!Emily

"The Joseph Levy Education fund helped me to keep on top of my health at university, whilst also being able to experience all that the university had to offer. I didn’t have to worry about how I would fund resources and equipment that I needed whilst on the course and how I would travel home for hospital appointments. It helped to provide me with independence, as I was able to live in accommodation which was suitable for my needs and allowed for me to live close to university so that I wouldn’t have a long commute every day. 

"I have just completed my final year at university and I am over the moon to have achieved a first class honours in BA Product Design! I am due to start my Initial Teacher Training/PGCE to become a teacher in Design and Technology in September 2021. This subject has always been a passion of mine and not only have I been able to complete my degree in the subject, I can now go on to teach it to the next generation of students. No matter where I end up with my career, there will always be an influence of design, whether it be through teaching or working in the design industry. My degree in design allows for me to explore the field I love and opens up so many doors for opportunities.

"Without the help of the grant, my university experience would have been completely different. The grant is easy to apply for and helped me massively throughout the course of my university degree. Knowing that the support was there, it allowed me to pursue my degree knowing that I would be able to handle both university life and keep myself well. I have received funding throughout the course of my undergraduate degree and I have also received support to complete my teacher training. I am so grateful to have received this support and thank the Joseph Levy Education Fund. If you have the chance to apply, do it!"

Emily contacted us again in 2023 to tell us: "I have now completed my teacher training and I am currently a qualified Design and Technology teacher based at a secondary school in Greater Manchester." We'd like to wish Emily a huge congratulations on achieving her dream of becoming a teacher!

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