Organise your own virtual quiz night

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Organise your own virtual quiz night

Holding an online quiz is a fun way to connect with family and friends while fundraising! Check out our tips for a successful event.

Here are a few tips and tricks to become an expert quiz master and raise much-needed funds to support people with cystic fibrosis.

1. Pick a date

Choose a date and time and get inviting your family and friends

Gear them up for a night of fun! Why not make it a yellow-themed party, or set a fancy dress theme and award points for the best-dressed team. Add in some glitter or face paint and give bonus points for the best team name.

2. Pick a platform

Popular platforms that work well include:

  • Facebook Live
  • WhatsApp
  • Teams
  • Zoom (don’t forget there is a 40-minute limit if using the free service)
  • Houseparty

3. Set up your fundraising page

Set up a fundraising page and remind those who are taking part to donate. If you are using Facebook, you can add a donate button and select Cystic Fibrosis Trust as the charity you are supporting.

4. Prepare your quiz

Five rounds is a good number. Look to have 6–10 questions in each round. Allow time for breaks.

Add some pizzazz by using PowerPoint for a quiz slideshow. You could even sneak in some extra pictures and then ask quizzers how many there were at the end of the round. Give points for the closest team.

Creativity is key – use your imagination to test your quizzers. You could include a photo round, cities of the world, catchphrase, who am I?, anagrams, music round, general knowledge, history, films, sport, science and more!

If you need inspiration, why not download one of our quiz sheets of sample questions:

5. Let’s get quizzical!

Don’t forget to remind your players about the quiz. If it’s on Zoom or Teams, send them the link ahead of time.

Keep a running fundraising total so that through the quiz you can remind those who haven’t already donated to do so.

Think about a prize for the winning team and a wooden spoon prize for the losing team – this could be a forfeit to perform at your next quiz!

Finally, have fun and don’t forget to take lots of pictures! Let us know about your quiz by emailing your photos to [email protected]

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