Big Bounce

Find out how you can organise a Big Bounce at your school or workplace, or with friends and family! You can download our 'how to' factsheet, your very own Big Bounce poster for your event and order a fundraising pack today.

Bouncing is a fun and easy way for people with cystic fibrosis to exercise and also helps to clear mucus from the lungs, which could otherwise attract infection. So what better way to raise money than by bouncing?

See what the pupils of Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College in Cheshire got up to when they dedicated their sports day to CF Week.

Organise your own Big Bounce

This campaign is all about bouncing, whether on space hoppers, trampolines, pogo sticks – anything that bounces! The key is to get creative.

You can hold your event at your school or your local hall, but if these are too tame why not try something more adventurous?

  • Across bridges and back
  • A race on a grand driveway to stately houses or castles
  • A lap of a racecourse
  • Along a seafront promenade or the beach
  • On woodland trails or disused railways
  • Around the grounds of stadiums

So what to do on your bounce? Create an assault course, bounce at work, hire a bouncy castle, have a race – there are all kinds of challenges you can set. For more ideas and further guidance or organising your event, download your How to Big Bounce.

Advertise your event with our Big Bounce Poster.

Order your Big Bounce fundraising pack today on 020 3795 2176 or email [email protected]. Remember to include your name, address and daytime telephone number.

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Cystic fibrosis, or CF, affects the lungs, digestive system and other organs, and there are over 10,600 people living with it in the UK.

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