Organise school fundraising

Find out how you can hold a successful school fundraising event, help raise awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF) and support the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Take a look at our top tips for organising a school fundraising event!

1. Contacts

Having a contact in the school is the first step in securing a successful fundraising event. If your child is a pupil or you know a staff member, just ask if you can do something to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Let them know all about what a great cause they'll be supporting!

2. Get in early

Remember, a school's main role is to educate, so it may only have limited time for anything extra. They may decide to choose the charity they support on an annual basis, often in September at the beginning of the school year, so make your request as soon as possible with a view to holding the event at a time that's convenient for the school.

3. Ideas

It is a good idea to have some suggestions for fundraising events to present to the school should you get their commitment. The school may also need some information about cystic fibrosis and the work of the Trust or some fundraising materials such as sponsor forms or banners, so contact your Community Fundraiser for help with these. Check out our handy A to Z guides for fundraising at your school:

The school might already have its preferred way of raising money for charity, but here are some ideas:

Sponsored events can raise a lot of money and it’s possible to sponsor almost every sporting event. Some of the most popular are aerob-a-thons, walks, cycles, swims, penalty shoot-outs, silences, spelling bees, read-athons, sing-a-thons or karaokes, walks, toddles (for the very young) and Big Bounce events.

Dress down days are always popular with senior school and usually available every end of term or even each month. How about a uniform day for a school that doesn’t have uniforms? Then there are themed days such as a denim day or track-suit day. Generally, pupils taking part are asked for a donation, usually £1 or £2.

Sales such as cakes, comics, plants, swap shops, sale of promises, bring and buy, gift fairs and Christmas fairs.

Concerts can include fashion shows, harvest festivals and carol concerts.

Discos could be anything from a Teddy Bears Picnic to a party night or an end of term ball.

Involve the teachers by challenging them to a football, netball or rugby match.

A successful school fundraising event can raise anything from fifty pounds to thousands of pounds, but whatever the amount, the school will need to be thanked. They may want to make a cheque presentation or just give you the cash to count and bank. If you are confident enough to accept a cheque and make a personal thank-you to the school, please go ahead, but if you need any help or
advice, contact your Community Fundraiser who will be happy to help.

Contact your Community Fundraiser for promotional materials, advice and support.

For event and fundraising enquiries, please call 020 3795 2176 or email

Photographing your event

Brighten up your Just Giving and Facebook pages with images that show your hard work! We've put together some great tips for photographing your events.

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