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Birmingham Heartlands Hospital to live stream clinical trials event.

The West Midlands adult CF centre is inviting people living with CF, parents and carers to take part in an interactive session asking: “What’s new in CF treatments?”

The event will take place from 10am–­1pm on Saturday 7 July at the Heartlands Education Centre, offering insights into new treatments being developed for CF, and clear, simple explanations of existing treatments.

Relatives, carers and friends will be able to attend in person, but because of the risk of cross-infection people with CF will need to take part remotely by video conference. There will also be an opportunity for those attending in person or online to ask questions directly to the experts presenting.

Dr Ed Nash, one of the organisers of the session, hopes events like this will make research and clinical trials more accessible to the CF community. He said: “It is currently a very exciting time to be looking after people with CF partly as a result of the new treatments being developed, including the CFTR modulators Orkambi and Symdeko. However, we are aware that much of the information currently available about these treatments is confusing for people directly affected by the disease.

“We have therefore organised this interactive educational event to explain in a more understandable way how these treatment work, the results of the studies to date and where we are with making them available on the NHS."

Take part or watch later

Places are limited for both attending (150 people) and live streaming the event (120 people), however the video of the conference will be made available after the event.

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