How to SCooP an award for innovation? It’s Semple!

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Researcher funded by Cystic Fibrosis Trust recognised for multimedia project to help parents and children adhere to physiotherapy.

Dr Karen Semple has received the Innovation Award from the Scottish Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals for her involvement with SCooP, a project to develop an intervention to help parents of young children with cystic fibrosis, struggling with home chest physiotherapy.

A prosthetist and orthotist by background, Dr Semple worked as a research fellow on the collaborative project funded by the Trust and the Chief Scientist’s Office, developing a short film to help parents and their children adhere to the demanding physiotherapy regime demanded by cystic fibrosis.

The CF community made its own contribution to SCooP, including voting for the project’s name, and volunteers sharing their experiences of physiotherapy adherence and helping shape and test the film.

Dr Semple said of the award: “I am delighted to receive the award for innovation for the SCooP project. The award might be in my name but it’s for everyone who contributed to developing the film – the families and the whole research team.”

Dr Emma France, Principal Investigator on the project, said: “I am proud of Karen who won against strong competition. She played a key role in the multidisciplinary collaboration with families that made SCooP a success. We are now planning the next stage of the research to evaluate the impact of the film on families.”

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