FeBREWary: a cup of tea with great company for a worthy cause

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With many people feeling isolated and lonely due to lockdown, talking to friends and family is now more important than ever. Join us this FeBREWary and host a virtual tea party as a way to stay connected while also supporting a fantastic cause. We spoke to people who have already taken part in a FeBREWary event, to find out why they got involved and how the experience has helped bring them closer to the cystic fibrosis (CF) community.

Marc’s virtual tea party

Man on a video call with multiple participants

When Marc heard about FeBREWary, he saw it as a perfect opportunity to reach out to his friends with CF and organise a video call with them, especially after months of shielding and social isolation.

“Catching up digitally is a great opportunity for us to take the connection we've established on socials one step further by having a face-to-face conversation online,” Marc from Staffordshire said. “Everyone jumped at the opportunity and what we expected to be a very short catch up turned into a long, deep and meaningful conversation: something that we all intend to repeat frequently.”

A dozen people with CF joined Marc’s FeBREWary event, where they discussed everything from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to Kaftrio. “FeBREWary was a perfect chance to digitally break-down that cross-infection barrier and enjoy quality time with those who go through the same things. As a result, our amazing community has never felt so close.

“Pandemic aside, we've been isolated our entire lives from anyone who understands our condition like we do. Coming together and speaking online with other people with CF was a special moment.”

If that wasn’t all, Marc also created a fantastic video trailer to get you in the mood for a brew!

Connecting with the community

Young woman holding up a mug of tea

23-year-old Jessica was one of the people who took part in Marc’s FeBREWary call. “It was my first time doing anything for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and I felt really honoured to help raise awareness,” she said. “I got to talk to other people CF and I hope it continues.”

Craig from Devon echoed the importance of connection and how the pandemic has helped him reconnect with other people with CF. “I knew a small handful of people with CF, but never really spoke to or engaged with many others. They understand what shielding has been like and now I’ve got a lot of people who have become really good friends in such a short space of time.”

Craig has been inspired to host his own virtual event: “I am doing my own little tea party with CF friends on Zoom. I’ve sent a recipe to make a mug cake too and have a chat. It’s going to be pretty chaotic, but it will give people someone to talk to and will help mentally as well as helping the charity.”

How to host your own FeBREWary

Black woman holding an mug of tea with hands holding cups and sandwiches around her

Hosting your own FeBREWary is really easy! Just set up a date and time, decide which video platform you want to use, and send out your invitations.

Sign up today by requesting your FeBREWary pack, full of ideas and everything you'll need to host a fantastic event.

So get that kettle on and join us for FeBREWary! If you've got any questions, you can call our fundraising support team on 020 3795 2176 or send us an email.

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