Top CF researcher awarded Senior Clinical Fellowship

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University agree there are no Gray areas in Robert’s research, awarding him a prestigious Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship.

Dr Robert Gray

Dr Robert Gray, a leading researcher in CF lung inflammation at Edinburgh University, has been awarded a highly competitive five year NHS Research Scotland (NRS)/Universities Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship, which will allow him to continue his research into CF lung inflammation while carrying on his clinical work.

The prestigious award also ensures that Dr Gray will be able to lead further CF strategic research initiatives in Scotland and the UK.

Dr Gray (pictured) said: “I am delighted to be awarded an NRS/Universities Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship, facilitating our group’s ongoing research into CF lung inflammation which we hope will lead to new ways of treating CF in the future. I am indebted to the support I received from the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in my early career, which facilitated my progression to being an independent investigator. It is a real honour to be part of the vibrant CF research community in the UK, of which the Trust is a central part.”

Clark Burscough, Research and Grants Officer at the Trust, said: “We are thrilled that Dr Gray is able to continue his vital research into cystic fibrosis inflammation with the support of this Scottish Senior Clinical Fellowship. Members of the CF community are incredibly passionate about research into the condition, and this is another fantastic opportunity for a researcher to continue focussing their efforts on something that could make a huge difference to the lives of people with CF and their families.”

Dr Gray received early support from the Trust through the UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium, formed on the initiative of the Trust in 2001, which aimed to develop a gene therapy product that could fix the faulty CFTR gene. Results from the phase 2B clinical trials of the ‘Wave 1’ gene therapy product were announced in 2015, and the next step will be to take the project to stage three trials.

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