Vertex proposal for access to Orkambi and other treatments

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Drug manufacturer Vertex has submitted a proposal to NHS England for access to its current and future CF treatments. The offer, described by Vertex as a ‘portfolio approach’, is similar to that adopted in the Republic of Ireland, and covers not just Orkambi but also future drugs in the pipeline – including new combination therapy Symdeko (tezacaftor/ivacaftor).

The manufacturer claims this approach will help provide equitable access to new Vertex medicines for people with CF in a way that could enable the NHS to budget for the longer-term.

David Ramsden, Chief Executive of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, said: “After over a year of waiting, this proposal from Vertex is an important step in gaining access to Orkambi for people with CF in the UK. We recognise the hard work required ahead and we appeal to Vertex to be open to discussion and negotiation.

"We also urge the Government to consider this offer seriously and to recognise its significance not just for Orkambi, but for other new, innovative treatments in the CF development pipeline. We will keep pushing to see progress across the whole of the UK and will not stop fighting until all who are eligible have access as soon as possible.

"We call on everyone affected by CF to help us ensure these discussions are robust and ask those willing to help to continue to tell their stories to their MPs, MSPs, AMs, MLAs and ensure that UK governments take responsibility for making progress in negotiations." Visit our campaigning pages to learn how you can help.

Read the full Vertex statement.

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