The name of this exercise is a push-up. The muscles this exercise will be targeting are: the chest, the shoulder, and the arms. This will help your posture and arm strength.

man doing push-up

Begin this exercise by putting your weight through to your toes, your hands under your shoulders, and your head in neutral position.

man doing push-up
man doing push-up

As you push up, straighten your arms and make sure you keep your body straight and in line. Do not let your hips fall through and do not lift your bottom in the air. Aim to stay in a straight line.

As you push up, breathe out. Try not to hold your breath. You should notice that your shoulders and chest muscles are working. Watch out for strain on your lower back or your hips dropping through or down.

For more of a challenge, slow this exercise down.

You should aim to complete this technique perfectly for one minute.

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