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Organise a charity night

Find out our top tips and tricks for planning your very own charity evening.

A themed evening is a great way to bring family, friends, colleagues and even strangers together to have fun and make a bit of money. You can go all out with themed food and drinks, live entertainment and games, or you can have a simple karaoke or pie and mash night at your local pub. Whatever you go for, follow our tips and make sure you enjoy yourself and you won't go far wrong!

First things first

Choose a date and try to avoid any clashes with major social or sporting events, and make sure you're planning far enough in advance. 

Pick a venue - would your event be better off in a pub, sports or social club or hotel? Check what's available locally and book as soon as you can.

Book your entertainment - if you're hiring a band, caterer or equipment make sure you get your request in early.

Send your invites. If you're selling tickets, make sure your price covers costs and a small donation. 

Charity music show for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Promote, promote, promote!

Use social media to tell the world about your event. Include all of the most important information, including how to get a ticket or invite, and tell people why they'll be missing out if they miss it. Local media like noticeboards, posters, radio and newspapers can also help you get the word out far and wide.

Extra touches

  • If you're planning food, you can go all out to suit your theme or just provide some cold nibbles and snacks. Keep it simple and you won't go far wrong.
  • Ask a few friends to help out - whether it's gathering raffle prizes in advance, or serving food and clearing up on the day, it's all hands on deck!

Remember to ask your community fundraiser for branded fundraising materials - from buckets to banners, we've got all kinds of extras and we'd love to hear about your event and give you some tips. Not quite what you're looking for? Take a look at some other fundraising ideas or find out what's going on in your local area.

Supporter merchandise

Whether you've got something to sell or money to spend, take a look at our fabulous range of merchandise from our equally fabulous supporters.

Dive in

School fundraising

Schools are a great place to fundraise and raise awareness of cystic fibrosis. Have a look at all the fun ways you can get kids involved.

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Funding research

We wouldn't be able to fund research, support or campaigns without fundraisers like you! See where some of your money goes.