How to photograph an event

A 'how to' for capturing your incredible fundraising moments. Smile, snap away and share your fantastic shots after following these fantastic photography tips.

Brighten up your Just Giving and Facebook pages with images that show your hard work - and get people sharing your achievements!

1. Get active!

Go beyond a photo in your exercise gear. Been training for Great Strides? Take some action shots of your walks in the forest. Climbed Ben Nevis? Show you facing the foggy horizons. Been training for the marathon? Get a sweaty selfie of yourself pounding the treadmill!

If you’re at an event, think beyond a finish-line photo. Put yourself in the action with a crowd shot or model pose in front of landmarks. Fill the frame with interesting things to look at so people know you’ve done your challenge. Make your photos pop!

2. Check your light

Try to make sure there’s plenty of light, ideally on the face of the person or view.

Unless you’re going for a particular style, you probably don’t want to take a picture that has the camera looking into a light source like the sun – it’ll turn everything into a silhouette. It’s usually best to keep the light behind you and your camera.

3. Use some old art tricks

There are tonnes of easy art tricks that work well for even low-cost photography.

Photo fundraising tips rule of thirds

Rule of thirds - When you are going to take your photo, split the scene into horizontal and vertical thirds and make sure that people, objects and backgrounds line up with these lines.

Point of view - Taking a photo from high up will make someone look small, from below will make them look more powerful, on their eye-level will look more natural. Play around with these perspectives to get your desired effect!

Orton Hall Febrewary

Lines - Our eyes love to follow lines and trails. if you see interesting diagonals or curves, take a snap!

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If you're snapping shots while you're out and about, why not screenshot these tips on your phone so that you can refer back to them?

Or take a look at hiring a photobooth for your event -

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