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Draw attention to cystic fibrosis and the work of the Trust in your community, workplace or school by downloading awareness posters, screensaver, email banners and more!

'40th birthday' awareness poster

This poster details the current life-expectancy of people living with cystic fibrosis today, and explains what causes CF and how many people carry the gene.

'60 tablets a day' awareness poster

This poster explains how many tablets on average people with CF need to take every day to stay well. It also explains the treatment burden and how the condition can escalate at any time.

CF facts awareness poster

This poster explains the affect CF has on the body, how many people are living with it in the UK today, and what the Cystic Fibrosis Trust is doing to fight for a life unlimited by the condition.

Helpline poster

This poster shows how many calls are answered by the Trust's helpline every year, details the support offered by the service and lists details of the helpline for those wishing to use it.

What is CF? factsheet

This factsheet covers questions like 'how do you get cystic fibrosis?' 'how does cystic fibrosis affect the body?' 'how many people have cystic fibrosis?' 'how is cystic fibrosis diagnosed?' and much more.

PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation template is full of useful facts about CF that you can use at your school, workplace or other function to talk about the condition and the work that the Trust does.


Use this screensaver on your office or home computer and help raise awareness of cystic fibrosis.

Supporter email footer

Use this email footer on your work or personal emails and help to draw attention to your support of the Trust.

Team CF Facebook cover

Use this Team CF Facebook cover photo to show that you are a member of Team CF and encourage people to sponsor you.


Your feedback is vital in helping us to develop our supporter resources to support you with your fundraising and awareness raising. Tell us what you think by emailing [email protected]

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