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YAG's newest project: 'More than CF'

Our Youth Advisory Group (YAG) believe it’s important to celebrate the amazing things young people with cystic fibrosis (CF) can do. They are calling on children and young people with CF to share their passions and creative pieces for their latest project ‘More than CF’. Here, YAG member Nicola shares her own creation and explains how you can get involved.

girl around 20's sitting on castle wall with sunset in background, long dark brown hair wearing maroon winter coat and blue jeans

My name is Nicola Torch, I’m 24, I have CF and I spend my time between the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District. I have recently graduated with my master’s degree and currently work as apublishing assistant for an independent publisher in Scotland.

I have been a part of YAG since it started in 2016. Since then, we have led several different projects as well as helping to guide the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on how best to engage young people within the CF community. Being part of YAG has been extremely rewarding as it has allowed me to give back to a community that has been such an important part of my life growing up. Through YAG, I have been able to make stronger friendships with other young people with CF while witnessing the sheer amount of work that the Trust puts into planning campaigns and raising awareness.

Celebrating the amazing things

The Youth Advisory Group’s latest project ‘More than CF’ is about bringing young people in the CF community together, showcasing their incredible array of skills and talents, and showing everyone that we are so much more than our condition. We may all struggle with CF, but we believe it’s extremely important to not just share the things we cannot do with CF, but to celebrate all the amazing things we can.

The aim of this project is to create a place where young people with CF can come together and show their talents, skills and passions — whatever these may be! We also hope that by jointly creating and sharing we can all inject some positivity into the CF community during this difficult time.

Show us your passions!

We’re asking young people with CF to show the CF community what they can do, what they’re learning, what makes them happy or what gives them a sense of pride. This could be anything from art to creative writing, dance, inspiring exercise ideas, science experiments or computer projects – anything and everything goes! We want to see it all.

yellow adobe design with cartoon bunting, lungs, medicine, books and camera, with 'I am more than cystic fibrosis' written in middleEach member of YAG has created their own piece, which will be shared on the Trust’s Youth Instagram. We hope that by seeing our creative pieces, other young people will get on board and share theirs too.

My creative piece is testament to the fact that although I have CF, CF doesn’t have me. I decided to make several illustrations on Adobe Illustrator that epitomise me: my hobbies as well as my cystic fibrosis. Literature, creative writing and photography are three passions of mine, and these are represented on my creative piece through my two favourite books, a pencil and a camera. 

I also display my love of coffee and my obsession with lipsticks, as well as a pair of CF lungs and an enzyme to show that there is so much that goes into making someone who they are – regardless of their condition. I really enjoy creating simple illustrations on Illustrator, and making this creative piece has been a welcome distraction from doing home IVs during shielding.

Get involved

Creations will be shared on the Trust’s Youth Instagram page, and you can also share them on your own social media and tag us and use the hashtag #morethancf.

We’re all so excited to see the talents and hobbies that the CF community has to offer, and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone on social media.

To get involved, visit our web page for submission details and email with your creative piece. 

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