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A group of singers living with cystic fibrosis (CF) have brought their voices together for a new charity album ‘Stand Together’ along with 11 other choirs ‘with purpose’.

The members of Choirs with Purpose's newly formed CF Virtual Choir are unable to perform alongside each other due to the dangers of cross-infection.

Choirs with Purpose

The Cystic Fibrosis Virtual Choir is one of 12 charity choirs featured on Choirs with Purpose’s crowd-funded Christmas album, ‘Stand Together,’ out today, which was created to raise awareness and funds of the 12 charities. Other choirs on the album include Britain’s Got Talent’s Missing People Choir, the Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Choir and the Parrs Wood High School Choir who famously sang with Ariana Grande at the One Love Manchester concert earlier this year.

‘Stand Together’ includes the Christmas cover single ‘We All Stand Together’ by Sir Paul McCartney, who has backed the project and waived all royalties. The song was performed by all 1,400 members of the 12 choirs, and Pop Idol finalist Michelle McManus. The album also features songs from each of the choirs, with the CF choir performing a cover of ‘One Voice’ by the Wailin' Jennys.

Cross-infection conundrum

Cystic fibrosis virtual choir

Special care had to be taken when recording the CF choir – each member had to record in the studio separately, after which the entire area was deep-cleaned before the next singer could start their session. After that, sound technicians painstakingly matched each solo performance.

Ex-Eurovision contestant Bianca Nicolas, who has CF and is the lead singer for ‘One Voice,’ said: “All the other choirs were able to stand together and sing but we could not do that, which is ironic when you consider the names of the single and album.

“Each of us had to go to a studio in London and had a two-hour slot in a recording studio, after that the place was swabbed and cleaned to get rid of any potential germs that could cause cross-infections. 

“It sounds like a lot to do, but it was really worth it. We are all so proud to be able to have worked on these songs. It is for such a great cause and we really hope people enjoy them throughout.”

Album producer James Hawkins said: “We hope that this new choir will help people to understand a little of what it is like to live with cystic fibrosis, and encourage the public to support the charity.”

Order the album

Profits from the album are to be split between all 12 charities. Download or order ‘Stand Together’ on Amazon today, or find it in ASDA stores across the UK.

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