Our research strategy 2021 - 2024


Our research strategy 2021 - 2024

The Trust is supporting and enabling the delivery of a broad and dynamic portfolio of world-class research to help ensure every person with CF in the UK can live a long and full life. 

  • What can we achieve through our research?

    Our long-term goal is to tackle the underlying cause of CF, leading to the development of innovative future treatments. We are also continuing to fund and promote research that will improve the health and wellbeing of people living with CF today.

  • How are we adapting to the changing needs of the CF community?

    The recent breakthrough in access to CFTR modulators such as Kaftrio brings with it new health and research challenges – both for those who can benefit from these treatments and for those who can’t. The research we fund, support and prioritise must continue to be informed by these changing priorities for everyone with CF.

  • How will we achieve our research goals?

    Funding and supporting research that will benefit people with CF is at the centre of everything we do, allowing every person with CF to live a long and full life. This means continuing to:

    • support world-class research to enable and accelerate the development of innovative and novel approaches for CF care and treatment
    • build strong partnerships and relationships so that investment in research is maximised for the benefit of everybody with CF
    • develop the UK’s capacity and capability for CF research to ensure the UK is a world leader in this field
    • involve the CF community every step of the way, from setting our research priorities, making funding decisions, to designing, developing and delivering the research programme
    • share and communicate the results and impact of our research.
    Supporting world-class research

    We will continue to fund, support and deliver innovative and excellent research through the Trusts’ flagship research programmes. The research priorities of people with CF will be at the heart of all our work.

    Building strong partnerships and relationships

    Partnerships and collaborations are essential in research to help us solve the trickiest problems in CF. Effective collaborations promote and facilitate the sharing of expertise, problem solving and resources. Building research partnerships also helps add value to and de-risk the investment in research made by each partner.

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    Continuing to build the UK’s capacity and capability for research

    We will continue to invest in researchers at all stages of their career. We will also develop the infrastructure that can support and enable the delivery of research, such as our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform.

    Find out more about our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform

    Involve the CF community at all stages of research

    We will ensure people living with CF are involved throughout the process of how we fund research: from setting our research priorities and making funding decisions, through the development of the research programme, to sharing results from research happening all over the world. This ensures we focus on funding the research that matters most to people living with CF.

    Get involved in CF research

    Communicate the impact of our research

    Each exciting CF research advance represents years of investment, in terms of funding, knowledge and expertise. We will share the progress we’re making with the CF community, as well as the CF research and clinical communities, through articles, publications and events.

    Funding and supporting research that will benefit everybody with CF is at the heart of everything we do. We won’t stop until everyone can live without the limits imposed by cystic fibrosis.

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Cystic fibrosis, or CF, affects the lungs, digestive system and other organs. There are around 11,000 people living with it in the UK.

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