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Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Cystic fibrosis research - exploring your clinical trial opportunities

Survey for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) or parents of children with CF who attend one of the newly appointed lead or supporting centres for our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform.

Hand holding an illustrated bottle of medicineThis survey is for people who have been directed to this page by your clinician or a member of your CF Team. As your CF centre has been appointed as part of our new Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform, we would like to record what opportunities for clinical trials you may have had to date. 

What is the survey for?

This survey will form the starting point of a process that we can repeat year-on-year to monitor the increase in awareness and understanding of what is available to you, along with simplifying the supporting processes of trial participation. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes and you can return to the questions if you cannot complete it in one session. Responses will be anonymous and will be shared with your CF centre to help identify any areas for improvement. Thank you for the time you take to complete the survey – your answers will be valuable in our work.

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What is it?

Our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform aims to ensure it's easier than ever to find a trial you're eligible for and take part.

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How do they work?

Clinical trials come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what they're testing and what stage the treatment is at.

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Why take part?

Clara is the youngest person to be put on the Orkambi trial. She told us why it's the best decision she ever made.

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