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Our wide range of research grants offers support to scientists at every stage of their careers, attracting the brightest and best into the fight against cystic fibrosis (CF).

We are committed to bringing together the brightest and best researchers wherever they are in the world. Use the map below to see where we are supporting projects right now.

We're the largest charity funder of cystic fibrosis research in the UK. Last year alone we invested more than £3 million into ground-breaking research, and we plan to invest a further £3.5 million by the end of this financial year. For more information and for specific grant guidelines, please select the relevant grant type from the list below.

Strategic Research Centres (SRCs)

Our SRCs are virtual centres of excellence, addressing complex questions in the field of cystic fibrosis by bringing together experts from world-class institutions. We invest up to £750,000 in each centre, over three to four years, and they typically support five early-career scientists.

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Venture and Innovation Awards (VIAs)

VIAs offer an agile and timely response to new opportunities, and are dependent on leveraging direct funding from external sources. The aim of the VIA scheme is to bring additional money from other agencies, including industry, research councils, research charities and others, into cystic fibrosis research within our strategic priorities. Read about VIAs.

Supporting clinical trials

Clinical trials are the bedrock of translational research, and are essential to establish the evidence base for clinical practice. The Trust does not directly fund late-stage clinical trials, due to their huge cost, however it plays a significant role through the Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform.

The Trials Accelerator provides the infrastructure to support Sponsors with delivery of early-phase and later stage commercial and academic CF clinical trials in the UK, along with the platform to enable the CF community to gain access to these trials.

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We're bringing together world-class experts and organisations to tackle some of the big issues in cystic fibrosis research, from Pseudomonas to gene editing and beyond.

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Our Venture and Innovation Awards allow researchers to respond rapidly to new opportunities and bring financial support from external sources into the field of cystic fibrosis research.

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