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CF's got talent!

We’re funding cutting-edge research – so cutting edge, in fact, that it can be hard to make sense of it without a degree in science. But not any more…

Congratulations to our winner, Madalena Pinto, who has won an expenses-paid trip to the 2017 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference!

We want to thank you for all your help choosing this year’s winner and all of our wonderful presenters for taking part. CF’s got Talent is an incredible opportunity for young scientists to connect with the cystic fibrosis community and explain how their research will influence people with CF in the future, and we are thrilled that the event has been such a success. Don’t forget to tune in next year!

Watch CF's Got Talent now!

We live streamed the fantastic presentations, hosted by celebrity supporter Roger Black, and recorded them for anyone who missed out. It's in three parts, below - grab some popcorn and enjoy!

  1. The first three presentations
  2. The last three presentations
  3. A question and answer session and the winner is announced!

How does it work?

We invited some early-career researchers working on projects funded by the Trust to present their work in a non-scientific way. We asked people with cystic fibrosis, parents and carers to take part online by asking questions and choosing the winner.

Why are we doing it?

We invest millions of pounds in research into beating cystic fibrosis every year. We want to shout about this research and share the hope that it brings, but it can be difficult to talk about it. This event trains young scientists in the art of explaining their work to their peers and supervisors, as well as to a lay audience, and allows us to demonstrate how the Strategic Research Centre (SRC) research programme is helping our fight for a life unlimited by cystic fibrosis. It’s an opportunity to hear about the aims and achievements of our research, plus the next steps for each project and what it could mean to the lives of everyone with cystic fibrosis.

Who presented?

Early-career researchers can be PhD students, postdoctoral researchers or research fellows. Each of our six incredible presenters this year holds one of those positions on our biggest research grant projects – the SRCs. We invest up to £750,000 into each SRC, and they last up to four years. Take a look at this year's presenters and which SRCs they are working on.

Isobel Everall - Tackling Mycobacterium abscessus in Cystic Fibrosis, lead by Dr Andres Floto

Madalena Pinto - INOVCF: Innovative non-CFTR Approaches for Cystic Fibrosis Therapy, lead by Dr Michael Gray - Winner, 2016

Ameze Simbo - Research into Pseudomonas aeruginosa, lead by Professor Jane Davies

Emmanuelle Bardin - Research into Pseudomonas aeruginosa, lead by Professor Jane Davies

Stella Prins - Investigating the F508del-CFTR protein, lead by Dr David Sheppard

Olga Archangelidi - Cystic Fibrosis Epidemiological Network (CF-EpiNet), lead by Professor Diana Bilton

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