Application and eligibility

Applications are now open for the 2021 Summer Studentship scheme. Researchers with an established academic position within a university or research institute may apply for a placement for a named student.



The student must be named on the application form. Students are normally at a university within the UK, and must be either:

  • A medical student between the end of their second year and the end of their penultimate year.
  • A Basic Science student in the last two years of their degree.


    The project supervisor must hold an established academic position within the university or research unit. They must be able to guarantee that the student can have space in their laboratory and fulfill any necessary legal requirements that the student’s presence requires. Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and technicians are unable to be project supervisors; however, they can provide day-to-day supervision of the student and be named on the application form. The supervisor can be a basic or clinical scientist working in any area of the proposed research.

    There may be only one application per supervisor. Awards are not transferable. In addition, each institution is restricted to three applications, to be prioritised as first, second and third choice.

    Identifying a project

    The Trust does not assist in the organisation of project placements; supervisors should identify prospective students themselves. The application should be a project that can be realistically undertaken within a maximum of eight weeks. The student should not be viewed as an extra pair of hands in the host laboratory.


    The award will comprise of:

    • A stipend of £1,400 for living expenses.
    • £100 for consumables (including poster printing costs).
    • Expenses for attending the next UK Cystic Fibrosis Conference.

    Please note: It is a requirement for students to attend and present their work, in the form of a poster, at the next in-person UK Cystic Fibrosis Conference.

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