Edward W Joseph Cystic Fibrosis Home Care grants

Funded by a generous donation, Edward W Joseph Home Care grants are one-off grants of up to £500 to help support people living with cystic fibrosis (CF) to be at home safely and comfortably amongst their family and loved ones and receiving appropriate care when experiencing a period of significant stress or particularly poor health.

  • What are home care grants?

    Home care grants are one-off grants of £500 to support children and adults living with CF, and those that care for them, allowing them to be at home safely, comfortably and receiving appropriate care amongst their family and loved ones, when they or their family are experiencing a period of significant stress or particularly poor health.

    Examples of items and services funded include:

    • Stairlifts
    • Riser chairs
    • Specialist beds
    • Household essentials such as mattresses and white goods
    • Cleaning services
  • How do I apply?

    Please read the guidance on this page, including the eligibility criteria. Once you have done this, please download and complete the application form.

    Download the application form

    Please email applications to [email protected] if you can.

  • How much can I apply for?

    Each person living with CF (the applicant) is entitled to one grant of a maximum of £500. This can be given in several smaller grants if appropriate.

  • What are the application criteria?

    The grant criteria are as follows:

    A. The family is experiencing a period of significant additional stress (this could be due to family breakup, illness of other members of the family, loss of income, bereavement etc).


    B. The person with CF is experiencing a period of particularly poor health, is listed for transplant or is receiving palliative care.


    C. The need cannot be met through other statutory agencies or the NHS within an appropriate time frame.


    D. The application is endorsed by the applicant’s CF team.

    Note: successful applications must fill criteria A or B as well as both criteria C and D.

  • Does the application form need a supporting statement (endorsement)?

    Yes. The supporting statement needs to be completed by a member of the applicant’s CF team (the endorser) and either signed by them or emailed to us from their professional email account. It is important that your CF team is aware that you are in a situation that is having an effect on your health.

    If this is proving difficult please contact us.

  • When will I receive the grant?

    Home care grants are processed weekly. If the application is successful, payment will be made to the bank account provided within 10 days of receiving a complete application.

  • Who should complete the application form?

    The applicant, their parent/carer, partner or a member of their CF team can complete the form. Regardless of who completes the form, the ‘applicant’ is always the person living with cystic fibrosis. If the applicant is over 18, they need to be made aware that the application is being made on their behalf.

  • Is there anything I cannot apply for?

    Home care grants are assessed on an individual basis. However, we cannot give grants for costs or items related to a hospital stay, as the grant must be for items or services that the applicant can make use of at home.

  • I have a question. Can I speak to someone?

    Yes. Please call our Helpline on 0300 373 1000 or email [email protected] to discuss any aspect of the grant.

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