We have a number of welfare grants available to help support people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their families through challenging times.

  • Support with an immediate financial crisis

    We can provide emergency grants to help in times of immediate financial crisis.

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  • Support with basic essentials this winter

    We’re providing a one-off, short term grant to protect the health of adults and children with CF who are struggling to afford basic essentials like food this winter.

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  • Support to buy essential household appliances

    We can provide a grant if there is an urgent need for an essential household appliance to keep someone with CF as well as possible.

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  • Support with home care

    Our home care grants, funded by the Edward W Joseph Cystic Fibrosis Home Care programme, offer up to £500 for times of acute illness or personal crisis, and are designed to support people with cystic fibrosis to be cared for comfortably at home.

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  • Support with funeral costs

    When a person with cystic fibrosis dies, we can provide a funeral grant of £750 to help with funeral costs.

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  • Support with physical or mental health and wellbeing

    We offer health and wellbeing grants of up to £350 to fund goods or services that will improve the physical or mental health and wellbeing of someone with cystic fibrosis (e.g. exercise equipment).

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  • Support with holiday costs

    We offer Rest & Relax grants of up to £450 for adults and children with cystic fibrosis to take a holiday, trip or short break when they’re going through a difficult time, supporting their mental and physical health.

  • Support with prescription costs

    We offer one-off grants to fund the cost of a Prescription Prepayment Certificate for prescriptions. Please ensure that you have first checked if you are eligible for free prescriptions before applying for a grant.

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  • Support with education

    The Joseph Levy Education Fund helps adults with cystic fibrosis over the age of 18 with the costs of higher education or other professional qualifications including vocational training. The Fund also accepts applications from people with cystic fibrosis aged 16 or 17 who are not moving into formal further education and who wish instead to undertake vocational training.

    For further information please contact our Helpline.

    Family Action also offers educational grants to individuals over the age of 14, to help with the cost of further education.

  • Support with costs related to transplant

    We offer transplant grants of £250 to help with the costs associated with attending a transplant assessment and having a transplant.

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What is CF?

Cystic fibrosis, or CF, affects the lungs, digestive system and other organs. There are around 11,000 people living with it in the UK.

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