Travel insurance

It is vital that people with cystic fibrosis get comprehensive travel insurance before taking a trip abroad to avoid facing massive costs if medical treatment is required while away.

We do not recommend any particular travel insurance provider, but we can provide details of a number of companies that will cover people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. Contact our Helpline for more information on travel insurance companies.

  • What do I need to consider when applying for travel insurance?

    There are a number of points to consider when applying for travel insurance:

    • Many package holidays include insurance, but some insurance companies do not cover certain disabilities or pre-existing conditions. Check that the company you are booking your holiday with does not have any clauses that stop the policy applying to you.
    • Contact the insurance company directly if the travel agent is unable to answer your questions fully.
    • You can insist on arranging your own insurance if you are in any doubt about your travel provider's coverage.
    • If your child is going on a school trip, check that the school's travel insurance covers them fully.
    • By insuring the whole party under the same policy as the person with cystic fibrosis, everyone's costs are covered if the holiday is cancelled because the person with cystic fibrosis cannot go.
    • Having a single policy for all of the party also makes it easier if an emergency arises on holiday; for instance you only need to contact one helpline, etc.
    • If you take out individual policies, check that each person is covered by their own policy in the event they have to claim because of the person with cystic fibrosis.
  • What information do insurance companies need?

    Nearly all insurance companies will require you to disclose the following:

    • Proposed destination
    • Date holiday begins
    • Duration of holiday
    • Nature of your illness or medical condition
    • When your condition was diagnosed
    • What the short- and long-term prognosis might be
    • Have you had a hospital stay in the last three to six months?
    • Treatment/therapy requirements
    • Are you fit to travel to the destination? (A letter from your consultant or GP will often be required as proof)
    • Name and address of your consultant or GP
    • You must disclose all medical history and anything that could affect the policy, or the policy may be void
  • Will my insurer cover my medication?

    Some insurance companies do not cover the loss of medication. They may, however, have representatives abroad that can be contacted if your medication is lost or stolen. These representatives can locate the medication you need, but you will have to pay for it.

    Other companies will include medication within their baggage policy.

    Read the insurance policy carefully. This will include full details and emergency contact numbers.

    If you are in any doubt please ask the insurance company you are dealing with.

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