Clinical trials information for the CF community

Take a look at all the ways people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and their families can get involved in clinical trials.

The Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform aims to unite people living with CF with researchers and pharmaceutical companies to achieve a Life Unlimited.  This can be achieved by providing greater opportunity to take part in trials, helping you find the trial information you need, directing you to the right people to ask questions, and increasing your opportunities to talk directly to researchers about life with CF and what new treatments would help improve the quality of your life.

Trials Tracker

Our Trials Tracker lists CF clinical trials happening all across the UK. Use our handy filter tool to find a trial that’s right for you, add trials to your watch list or find out if your CF centre is running a trial and, if not, how you could still take part.

Clinical Trials resources

Our Clinical Trials booklet (13MB) gives a detailed look at many aspects of clinical trials – what they are, why they’re so important, what taking part might involve and much, much more! We also have a children’s comic (3.35MB) to introduce the topic of trials to primary aged children and a leaflet for teenagers (752KB) to find out more. These are supported with ‘Tips for Parents’ leaflet (764KB) too. All of our resources have been created with the help of people living with CF and parents of children who have taken part in trials.

Community involvement in clinical trials

Community involvement doesn’t mean taking part in a specific trial, but sharing your knowledge and experience of living with CF and using them to influence and shape clinical trials and new treatments being developed. Find out how you can make sure that researchers are asking the important questions when they design clinical trials.

Clinical trials for young people

Taking part in clinical trials isn’t just for adults – teens, children and even babies can take part in trials too. Find out more about trials for young people and children.

Participating centres

43 paediatric and adult CF centres form the Trials Accelerator network. Our network of centres collaborate to help people with CF from all over the UK take part in clinical trials, influencing research and giving them access to a range of new therapies. You can read more about our centres and who they are here.

CF Trial Coordinators

The Trials Accelerator funds 20 CF Trial Coordinators to support children and adults with CF to take part in clinical trials happening either at their CF centre, or further afield. You can read more about our CF Trial Coordinators and where they are based here.

Trial stories

Hear from the people who have taken part in some of the clinical trials that have shaped CF treatment over the years.

Stay updated

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Some of the terminology and wording surrounding clinical trials may be new or confusing. In our glossary we have listed descriptions of some of the more commonly use terms.

Trials Tracker

We have created a CF Trials Tracker so that you can easily access the trials that relate to you. Search by genotype or trial type, and save your favourites!

Participating centres

Find out if your CF centre is part of the Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform.

Trial coordinators

Meet the CF clinical trial coordinators helping to support people with cystic fibrosis to take part in trials at their centre or further afield.

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