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Keiron doing his meds

Social resources

Download graphics to share on social media here.

Download and share

Speak out and share your CF truth. Download our social media graphics here and help others understand what it's like living with an invisible condition.

Remember to tag us @cftrustuk and use the hashtag #CFTruths to join the conversation!

1 in 25 of us carry the faulty gene that causes CF, usually without knowing


Break the ice with our downloadable resources, designed to help you share your #CFTruths.

From genetics to cross-infection, there are lots of important conversations you can have with others to help them understand what it's like to live with an invisible condition like CF. Share our graphics on your socials to start the conversation.

Download social media graphics

CF: Know your facts

Learn more about CF, including how it is diagnosed, how it's treated, how it affects the body and what causes it.

Talking toolkit

Tips, blogs and resources to help you start conversations about CF. 

Six annoying things about living with an invisible condition

A blog from our Youth Advisory Group about their experience of living with an invisible condition like CF.

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