Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Awards

The Bright Ideas Awards have been established in memory of Helen Barrett, a successful entrepreneur who, together with her partner, set up a gym that is still thriving today.

Whatever you need to kick-start your dream career, if you’re over 18 you can apply for a grant from Cystic Fibrosis Trust to help you on your way. Maybe you have a creative hobby and need the resources to turn it into a thriving business. Perhaps you’ve already started your business and need some funding and support to help you expand and reach your audiences. Whatever it is, a Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Award can help you on your way.

Award winners can receive a grant of up to £5,000 to boost their business idea, as well as access to expert support and guidance.

The Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Awards is currently closed for applications.

2022 Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Awards winners

  • Alex’s early years venture

    With funding awarded, Alex has purchased a new laptop for her early years business. She utilises this to arrange a variety of activities for pre-school age children and liaise seamlessly with parents.

  • Anne’s toy manufacturing

    Since being awarded, Anne has been ‘immersed in fabulous fabrics and threads!’. Anne applied and secured funding to help with her toy manufacturing business. The funding covered the costs of buying materials to make toy bears and purchase a laptop.

  • Ava’s tattooing and piercing

    Ava secured funding for her tattoo business, specifically to purchase tattoo and piercing equipment. She also plans to use the money to assist with advertising the business.

  • Carl’s art

    Funding awarded has enabled Carl to purchase a high-spec laptop and advanced software for photo and video editing – helping to transform his art business into a full time venture. He has been able to post high quality content promoting his services online.

  • Denise’s house and pet sitting

    Funding awarded helped Denise with her house and pet sitting business - covering costs such as stationery, a printer and transport.

  • Jimmy’s cards

    Jimmy applied for funding to expand his online business which sells cards. He has been able to advertise his business in both local and international markets since securing the funding.

  • Kimberly’s art shop

    Funding awarded helps Kimberly to purchase specialist equipment and software to expand her offer of items for sale. It also helps with expenses for creating an accessible online shop following the changing markets post COVID-19.

  • Martin’s designs

    Martin applied for funding to further his design business – to purchase a premium WordPress package, for membership to the Society for All Artists (SAA) and stock for sale.

  • Nicole’s tattoo business

    Nicole secured funding to help with the administrative and creative aspects of her tattoo business. She received funding for a laptop and printer.

  • Stuart’s football coaching

    Stuart applied for funding to assist with his football coaching business. With the funding awarded, he has been able to brand and market the business.

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