Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Awards 2021 winners

Take a look at our Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Award Winners from 2021!

The Helen Barrett Bright Ideas Awards are a chance for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) over the age of 16 to apply for a grant and expert mentoring to help them kick-start a new project or career. Take a look at our winners from 2021 and hear what they plan to do with their awards.

  • Laura’s clothing brand

    Each and every one of us are different; different style, different size - but clothing doesn’t reflect this. So that’s how my sister Rachel came up with the idea for Careaux.

    Careaux combines timeless silhouettes with a world-first innovation which is patent pending as the concept has not been done before. Each Careaux piece is offered in any size and made with a hidden zip around the waist -enabling the dress to separate into a top and a skirt. This means that every dress can have a different - or same - size top and bottom and you can mix and match the tops and the skirt to create different style, fabric and colour combinations.

    My hopes and dreams are to grow Careaux and to continue to do what I can to create change in the world and to have a positive impact. I’m excited to be able to create change in the fashion industry, and to be able to create a fully inclusive, diverse and accessible fashion industry and world.

    Read Laura's story

  • Sam's game

    I started to learn how to develop games a few years ago, as a way to exercise my brain. After learning some of the basics I decided I wanted to create a shop-keeping game set in a fantasy world. I’m writing and producing my own music for the game, as well.

    I was over the moon when I found out I was chosen as a winner. I’m going to use the money from the award to buy some more equipment, including a new laptop, which will help speed up the process. It’s really motivational to be noticed for your work!

    Read Sam's story

  • Jonathan's film

    With the help of the wonderful guys over at Now in a Minute Productions, we’ll be producing another short film of mine, The Swan with the Broken Lungs, a story I wrote many years ago that’s loosely based on my own experiences with CF.

    It’s a story I have wanted to tell for quite a while now. So many people still have no idea what CF even is and there are very few films that cover the subject.

    If this film can have any impact whatsoever on helping to spread the awareness of this awful disease, then I’ll be a very happy man.

    Read Jonathan's story

  • Martha's stories

    When I was made redundant during the pandemic, after an initial panic I suddenly had time to fit in all that writing I wanted to do. I have quickly realised that I don't need to publish novels to be a writer. I've had around 60 stories published online and in print now. I've won writing competitions and even judged them.

    The HBBI money is going to help me to professionalise myself. Building a website, signing up to writing organisations, attending events where I get to network and hobnob (mmmm, hobnobs). Some of the money will also be used to enter those high-profile competitions which can be expensive to enter - but you have to be in it to win it, as they say. The rest will be used to market my novella (a tale about grief and sharks, due out in 2023).

    Like all writers, the dream of writing a bestselling novel is never far from my thoughts, but realistically my hope is that I can earn a living from writing. This boost from HBBI and the Trust at this early juncture will be so helpful.

    Read Martha's story

  • Lucy's play

    My plan for the future is to write for TV and theatre. I would love for there to be characters with CF and storylines that are about more than just their illness. CF influences my writing a lot as it’s extremely important to me to represent disability on TV, without taking an overly sanitised approach.

    My aim is to show that people with disabilities can be sexually desirable and are human beings with flaws and their own moral codes. I want to challenge the common stereotype of us all being brave and heroic.

    I was so touched and grateful that the Trust would support me with my goals of becoming a writer. I’m going to use the award to put on a play and have it filmed, which will help me showcase my work and hopefully get an agent.

    Read Lucy's story

  • Sophie's dog grooming business

    I was in between jobs when my dog, Blackjack, was injured by a groomer. So I decided to learn how to do pet grooming myself. And it turned out I was really good at it, and I really loved it.

    When I got the call that I’d been chosen as a winner, I asked them if they were joking! It was amazing. I really didn’t think I’d win. I’ve used the money to build my own salon in my mum’s back garden. My partner is really happy that the Trust has supported me with my goals –even though he’s the one who’s had to build my salon for me! But it’s taken it from being a hobby to being a business.

    To me, a life unlimited means being able to do exactly what I want, when I want. Cystic fibrosis doesn’t stop me doing anything, and it never will. If I want to do something, I’ll do it. However long it takes, I’ll do it. I’m a very determined person!

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  • Becky's baking business

    I’m currently in the process of sourcing a new oven and a food-safe printer so I can print my own logos and images or photos for cakes using food-safe ink. I used the award money to purchase a laptop for creating the images to print. I’m also looking into fondant modelling courses, to improve my ability to make figurines for cakes. 

    In the future, I would really like to be spending much more time on my cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, really making a name for myself, and seeing how I can make Becky Bakes the best it can be. 

    Read Becky's story

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