Leaving school and cystic fibrosis

Find out about how cystic fibrosis (CF) might affect your options after secondary school, download our booklets, order them to your door, or watch our video on what you can do after leaving school or college.

School’s out, so what’s next? Whether you choose to move on to training, sixth-form, college or university, or even take a gap year, our resources are here to help you make the decisions that are right for you! As well as an animation all about leaving school, we have two booklets on life after secondary school for young people with cystic fibrosis and their parents, and a useful factsheet for training providers, colleges and universities.

  • Download our booklets on leaving school

    Download our leaving school booklets here as PDFs that you can read on our laptop, tablet or phone.

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  • Order the booklets

    You can order free copies of our leaving school booklets to be sent straight to your door by filling in our order form. Alternatively, you can contact our helpline by emailing [email protected] or calling 0300 373 1000.

    Order the booklets

  • What can you find in our leaving school booklets?

    Our booklet for young people is full of useful information to help you with your next steps, including information about:

    • Choosing your options
    • Disability and knowing your rights
    • Sixth-form college
    • Taking a gap year
    • University or college
    • Choosing not to go to university
    • Talking to new friends about your CF
    • Leaving home and accommodation
    • Funding

    Our booklet for parents includes quotes from CF professionals and parents to help you support your child’s next step. As well as covering the areas above, the booklet also has sections on:

    • How to support your child’s decisions
    • Communicating with your child’s education provider
    • Treatment adherence

    Our information for training providers, colleges and universities is a useful document to give to the people providing you with your education or training so that they can find out more about cystic fibrosis. There are sections in the booklet on:

    • The symptoms of CF
    • Cross-infection
    • Making reasonable adjustments

    There is also an area for you to write about your CF and how it affects you.

  • Leaving home and eating well

    We have worked with dietitians from the CF Dietitian Group UK (CFGHUK) to create a series of leaflets on nutrition, including a leaflet about eating well if you have left home and have cystic fibrosis. It covers: boosting your calories, breakfasts, staying charged up throughout the day, stocking up, budgeting and enzyme storage.

    Download the leaflet

  • Financial support

    Financial support and budgeting at university

    If you are studying, or wish to study in full-time or part-time education or training courses, you might be eligible for help to cover the extra costs associated with studying with a disability. We have put together some top tips on the support available and other ways to help with budgeting at university.

    Joseph Levy Education Fund

    The Joseph Levy Education Fund helps young adults with CF over the age of 18 with the costs of higher education, vocational training or other professional qualifications. The Fund also accepts applications from people with cystic fibrosis aged 16 or 17 who are not moving into formal further education and who wish instead to undertake vocational training.

    Applications can be submitted all year round. Those received by 31 May are assessed in June and those received by 30 November are assessed in December. 

  • More information

    If you need more information, or want to share tips, support and advice, check out our Forum. You will need to sign up to access the Forum.

    Our confidential Helpline offers general advice, support and information on any aspect of cystic fibrosis, including help with financial support.

    If you need more information, or want to share tips, support and advice, check out our Forum. You will need to sign up to access the Forum.

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