NICE modulator appraisal - January 31 update

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Today our Chief Executive reflects on the latest update on the NICE appraisal.

NICE have confirmed today that they are pausing their appraisal process, which allows time for commercial negotiations to take place. We now need Vertex to confirm that they will start this process and work to bring an end to the uncertainty, ensuring access now and in the future for everyone who can benefit from these medicines. It’s important to reiterate that the NHS and NICE have confirmed that access is protected for those already taking the medicines and for anyone starting while discussions continue.

David Ramsden, Chief Executive of Cystic Fibrosis Trust

You can read more about the NICE appraisal on our website here

Read the statement from NICE here

We’ll continue to keep the CF community informed as the appraisal progresses, and we won’t stop working to make sure that everyone with CF have the treatments they need to live a long and healthy life.

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