World Diabetes Day

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Today is World Diabetes Day, so it’s an opportunity to raise awareness of CF diabetes, what we know about it, and how it is managed.

What is CF diabetes?

Cystic fibrosis diabetes (CFD) is common in adults and adolescents with cystic fibrosis. Nearly three in 10 (28.7%) people with CF over the age of 10 years old are receiving treatment for CFD according to the UK CF Registry’s 2022 Annual Data Report, published in September.

CF diabetes develops in the pancreas when not enough insulin is produced, or when insulin does not work properly. CFD is different from type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but has features of both.

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How is the Trust supporting people with CF diabetes?

At Cystic Fibrosis Trust we’re supporting people with CF and their CF teams about diagnosing, treating and managing CFD. Here are a few examples:

Updating clinical guidelines on the management of CF diabetes

At the end of last year, a working group updated the guidelines on how CF diabetes should be managed, and you can read more information about the new guideline, and why these guidelines are so important.

More about the CFD clinical guidelines

Supporting the CL4P-CF trial

We are supporting the CL4P-CF study through our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform (CTAP). This is looking at whether an automated insulin system can reduce the burden of self-management and improve glucose control for people with CFD. People from the CF community contributed to the design of the study through the Trust’s Involvement group.

This study is currently open to recruitment.

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Photo of Professor Jim Shaw talking to Eilidh

Funding research to understand CFD and prevent it from developing

We are funding a Strategic Research Centre (SRC) research programme, led by Professor Jim Shaw at the University of Newcastle to understand how and why CFD develops by studying in detail what is happening in the pancreas. The researchers hope that these studies will improve how CFD is treated, and in the future allow doctors to have more accurate ways to detect when CFD is likely to develop.

Read more about the SRC

Understanding the cause of CF diabetes is a very complex area. The research funding from Cystic Fibrosis Trust means we have been able to bring world leading experts together to work collaboratively. As a result, we’re gathering momentum towards transformative therapies for CF diabetes.

Professor Jim Shaw, Newcastle University

Addressing your research priorities about CFD

In the refreshed CF research priorities identified in November last year CFD was mentioned in two of your top 10 research priorities: in understanding the effects of CFTR modulator medicines outside of the lungs and in preventing CFD from developing.

We are currently in discussions with CF diabetes experts and other diabetes research funders to agree the best way to understand and answer these important research questions.

A message from CFD researcher and clinician Prof Jim Shaw

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