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On Tuesday 6 September, you can tune in online to CF's got Talent and hear about our ground-breaking research projects from six early-career researchers and choose your favourite!

At the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, we invest millions of pounds into research every year, and we want you to know exactly what we’re doing with it. For the first time ever, we have asked researchers in our Strategic Research Centres (SRCs) explain what they are doing in a way that non-scientists can understand.

Have your voice heard

A panel of people have selected the best six abstracts, and the shortlisted researchers will be presenting at our CF’s got Talent event. We’re giving people with CF and their families the opportunity to watch online, ask questions and vote for the presentation they find the most inspiring. We want you to be at the cutting edge of research!

You can expect to hear about everything from combating antibiotic resistance to revolutionising how we use the CF Registry to improve clinical practice.

Creating connections

Dr Anoushka de Almeida, Head of Research at the Trust, said, “CF’s got Talent is a fantastic opportunity for young scientists, funded as part of our research strategy, to connect with the CF community and explain how their research will influence CF care and treatment in the future. It allows us to ensure our growing network of researchers remain inspired by, and connected with, our enthusiastic community.”

Two vital strands of the Trust’s research strategy are to recruit the brightest and best young researchers to apply their talent to cystic fibrosis research, and to ensure that people with CF get to hear about the scientific developments funded through the CF Trust.

Ed Owen, CEO of the Trust, has praised the event, saying, “We are committed to recruiting the brightest and best scientific researchers to apply their talents to CF, and to engaging more actively with people with CF in the research we fund. We’re delighted that Roger Black MBE will be hosting this event, and we can’t wait to give our early-career researchers the opportunity to connect directly with the people their work could one day help.”

We will be streaming all six presentations on our facebook page on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 September, and you will be able to join in a live Q&A session with the researchers and eventually vote for your favourite presentation. In the meantime you can find out more about CF’s Got Talent and the researchers on our website, or look out for ways to watch content from our upcoming UK CF Conference online.

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