Our funding process and governance

Research funding applications to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust must address their relevance to our research strategy and meet our SCORE objectives for funding. Funding decisions are made following peer review and with the guidance of our Research Grants Review Committee.

  • Peer review

    Funding decisions on applications are made following a rigorous peer review. Peer review is a way of assessing the quality of scientific ideas. Our processes meet the Association of Medical Research Charities five principles of peer review.

    Funding decisions on Strategic Research Centre (SRC) applications are made following a rigorous peer review by external scientists and clinicians before being considered by our Research Grants Review Committee (RGRC), which recommends applications for funding.

    We agree Venture and Innovation Award (VIA) funding in principle prior to submission of external funding body applications. The VIA programme relies on the science being peer reviewed by the external funding body. This means we can only consider applications where this peer review will take place. For industry awards, we request evidence of internal review prior to awarding funding. 

    Summer studentships are not subjected to external peer review.

  • SCORE objectives

    Recommendations for funding will be judged on how well applications meet the five principles that guide our approach – our 'SCORE' objectives:

    • Strategic – We will lead on the basis of clear priorities, actions and goals.
    • Collaborative – We will leverage income and attract other funding agencies to work in partnership to maximise funding opportunities.
    • Outcome-focused – We will be mission-driven, strategic in allocating resources, and results-oriented.
    • Risk-based – We will pursue a balanced and diverse portfolio of research of varying risks: high risk vs lower risk and basic vs applied science, that benefits all people with cystic fibrosis.
    • Excellence-driven – We will be driven by quality and harness expertise wherever we find it.
  • Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools

    Cystic Fibrosis Trust endorses the Research Funders Joint Policy group statement on the use of generative AI tools.

    In research applications

    We acknowledge that generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, maybe used to assist in the preparation and development of a research proposal. In these circumstances research proposals must acknowledge how generative AI tools have been used.

    Applicants must also demonstrate:

    • how the challenges and ethical considerations, such as the potential for social biases, that arise in using AI, are mitigated for
    • that its use has been conducted in accordance with any legal or ethical standards that apply.

    Use in peer review

    We do not support the use of AI tools within the peer review process.

    Research Funders Joint Policy group statement

  • Our Research Grants Review Committee

    Our Research Grants Review Committee (RGRC) is an independent committee that reports to the Board of Trustees, making recommendations and providing guidance regarding the implementation of the Trust’s research strategy. This includes making recommendations for funding and reviewing progress of ongoing grants.

    Members of RGRC are invited from a range of backgrounds including biomedical lab-based science, clinicians and representatives of the CF community.

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