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Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform

With more advances in cystic fibrosis care and treatment than ever before, and a host of new treatments in the pipeline, this is an exciting time for the cystic fibrosis community. However, a lack of capacity and awareness of clinical trials is preventing people with cystic fibrosis from having timely access to cutting-edge therapies and treatments.

What is it?

The Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform is a UK-wide initiative to bring together cystic fibrosis (CF) centres, to increase participation and improve delivery of and equity of access to CF clinical trials in the UK. We are building a network of CF centres that will collectively lead in the delivery of high-impact clinical trials. Each participating centre will be awarded funding for a Trial Coordinator to provide much-needed extra capacity to support the delivery of CF clinical trials.

Creating capacity

We know that boosting capacity for clinical trials in the UK is essential to prove the safety and effectiveness of new drugs, and to make them available as quickly as possible. From speaking to clinical professionals across the UK, we also understand how time-consuming facilitating trials is, in a system that is already over-stretched. That is why the Trials Accelerator aims to support centres by adding capacity as well as providing a national coordinating role within the Trust.

Because of the huge cost, we are unable to fund late-stage trials directly. However, we do fund some early-stage pilot studies and as part of our new Research Strategy we are making strategic investments to increase research capacity in cystic fibrosis clinics. We are also working to better inform clinical trials through our UK CF Registry.

Over to you...

The success of the Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform will only be possible with your support. By getting involved in all aspects of clinical trials, you can help ensure everyone with CF can get faster access to better treatments.

Focus Group

Are you interested in sharing your unique perspectives of life with CF to ensure that what really matters to people living with the condition is incorporated into research? Join our Focus Group as part of our Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform.

What’s involved?

 Register your details with us today and you may be called upon without obligation, to:

  • Complete questionnaires, surveys or comment forms relating to clinical trials or research as they arise
  • Join digital forums, webinars or live social media feeds, providing engagement with researchers or pharmaceutical companies
  • Join Q&A sessions on proposed studies

We want the voices of the entire CF community to be represented, from youngest to oldest, which is why we are excited to be offering this opportunity to get involved to people and children with CF and their families.

Contact for a registration form.

How do they work?

Ever wondered how clinical trials work? You'll find everything you need to know on our process page, along with information on key phrases.

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Have a look at some useful clinical trials resources, from podcasts to getting involed in research surveys.

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Active trials

We are in the process of creating a trials database specific to the UK CF community. In the meantime you can search for active trials using the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

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